Integrative Solutions to Weight Loss
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Finally, an ANSWER!
ACAM has developed a weight loss strategy that pulls all the loose ends together, helping you make informed decisions on integrative approaches to weight-loss. 

Dr. Christopher Keroack has been the leading expert in weight loss and healthy living in Western Massachusetts since 1998. What truly sets Dr. Keroack apart is his ability to care for patients interested in a foundational and balanced approach to health and weight loss. His integrated approach to health and wellness involves all aspects of nutrition, fitness and behavior in order to have a complete and enriching experience for you.
  • The Role of Physical Activity and Exercise in Weight Loss
  • Meal Replacements, Protein Shakes, and Bars

Kristina Spellman is the Director of Product and Program Development at SetPoint Health. Prior to joining SetPoint Health in 2009, Kristina was a research dietitian at the Center for the Study of Nutrition and Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. A primary responsibility included her role as a Look AHEAD Interventionist where she was involved in retention activities such as promoting, organizing and leading groups; one-on-one participant coaching; review and analysis of data and reporting. 
  • Macro-Nutrients and the Glycemic Index: Guides for Weight Loss

Dr. Tremblay has published more than 250 papers and book chapters in the areas of childhood obesity, physical activity measurement, exercise physiology, sedentary physiology and health surveillance. He has delivered over 600 scholarly conference presentations, including more than 130 invited and keynote addresses, in 19 different countries. Dr. Tremblay has received an honorary doctorate and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his leadership contributions to healthy active living in Canada.
  • Physical Activity & Sedentary Behavior: What Matters Most in Health Maintenance

A second-generation family doctor, Dr. Petteruti started off pursuing his goal of being a holistic provider of medicine, starting his medical training in Osteopathic Medicine.  After graduating with honors, he became attracted to weight loss medicine, which began a career-long interest in areas not commonly pursued by most doctors.  It's that curiosity that drove him to become board certified in Bariatric Medicine to complement his board certification in Family Medicine.  It is this unique training combined with his own native intellect that has given Dr. Petteruti the ability to help his patients with problems that most physicians do not fully understand.

  • Supplements & Nutraceuticals for Weight Loss
  • Drugs that Contribute to Obesity & the Risks of Rapid Weight Loss
  • An Overview of Popular and Fad Diets 

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