ReadyNation's Business for the 2020 Census Initiative

We appreciate that these are uncertain times with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Although the US Census Bureau has extended or delayed some operations, we are reaching out today because they are still moving forward to complete the census this year due to statutory obligations. 

It is now easier than ever to get counted. Please be advised that residents can complete the short questionnaire online, by phone or by mail in a few minutes from the comfort of their homes, without ever coming into contact with a census taker. It is important that as many households as possible complete their questionnaires using these options in light of social distancing and isolation precautions now in place.

A strong 2020 Census is critically important for our data-driven economy. Census data is a key ingredient in market and economic analyses and helps effectively distribute more than $1.5 trillion in federal resources every year that contribute to a strong economy. This includes cradle-to-career investments such as high-quality preschool, child care, children’s health insurance, nutrition, and high school workforce development, among many others.  

This  Wednesday, April 1st, is Census Day , when many voices around the country (e.g. businesses, faith leaders, non-profits, census initiatives and government bodies) will be encouraging residents to complete their census questionnaires.

Companies can have a tremendous impact on this year's count, and ReadyNation has developed the Business for the 2020 Census initiative to support companies to encourage their employees and customers to complete their questionnaires. As a strategic national partner with the US Census Bureau, we have developed a range of resources including the following:

We are here to serve you as a free resource on this topic and to provide technical support and assistance if desired. If you have any questions, contact ReadyNation Deputy Director, Jeff Connor-Naylor, via email at