Winter is Coming, Books Too
Keep an eye out in your mailboxes as our holiday catalog will be coming soon! We are readying for another wild winter with shipping delays and supply chain troubles, so it's another year where "October is the new December!" If you're planning to get books for your loved ones (including yourself) then get your orders in now to ensure they are wrapped and ready before snowfall.

We'll be happy to help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list for any occasion, just drop in and ask a bookseller. It truly matters where you spend your money and we're thankful to be your local indie bookshop (no matter how far your are).

— the River Bend booksellers
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Our shop is decked out in spooky, kooky and altogether book-y books for Halloween. Come in and check out seasonal titles, sweet treats and other wicked things that this way come.

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From Our Booksellers

River Bend is prepping for a blustery book winter. We're stocking up on a bunch of the selections from the forthcoming holiday catalog and some new books from beyond that we think you'll love and love to give.

Here are some soon-to-be favorites that your favorite River Bend booksellers want you to get your hands on:

• Smile: The Story of a Face Playwright Sarah Ruhl shares her experience with Bell's palsy, motherhood, identity, and acceptance. This memoir is beautifully written and full of wisdom. One of the best memoirs of the year, this is the book on healing I needed to read.

• Flamer - Mike Curato delivers a superb piece of visual storytelling in this coming-of-age graphic novel. It is emotional and raw, and the depictions of hatred and bias are hard to read, yet it still delivers a positive and hopeful message about honoring your truth. If you enjoyed Hey, Kiddo, try Flamer. Highly recommended for teens and adults.

• Your Place in the Universe will fascinate readers of all ages as it seeks to describe the massive scale of our known universe. Jason Chin's gorgeous watercolor and gouache illustrations take you from the height of an 8-year old child, to a redwood tree, to Everest, and beyond. There is a load of scientific info at the back to fuel the curiosity of future astrophysicists and armchair astronomers alike.
Josh Ritter’s The Great Glorious Goddamn of it All is a fantastic yarn spun in the tradition of such outsized American folktales as Paul Bunyan and John Henry. From the very first pages, the smell of pine and the promise of adventure enveloped me. Pair with a hot cider (and a nip of whiskey if you’re so inclined) on a cold night and get ready to be transported.

Libertie is historical fiction of the best kind—a story steeped in historical context that holds such deep relevance it’s truly timeless. Kaitlyn Greenidge’s beautiful, magical novel takes place in the free Black communities of Reconstruction-era Brooklyn and Haiti. The ideas of identity, respect, and — as the title and protagonist’s name suggest — true liberty are as fresh today as they were then. I loved this book. A must-read for fans of The Vanishing Half.
Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet, the most recent book from Vietnamese Buddhist Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, is both a primer on the philosophy at the heart of Buddhism and a guidebook on how to pursue environmentalism without the burnout. Feel overwhelmed at the prospect of climate change and utterly powerless to alter its course? Pick up this book. It will bring peace to your heart and inspire you to keep on fighting for a better tomorrow
• In Beautiful World, Where Are You?, Sally Rooney gets even steamier than her popular last novel Normal People. Once again following the lives of two friends (as her debut Conversations with Friends did), a writer and her longtime bestie (and pen pal) navigate time apart and newfound/ rekindled romances. You'll love it and want more of it.
Tales from the Cafe has more stories set at the same time-bending coffeeshop in Before the Coffee Gets Cold. The latest Toshikazu Kawaguchi book knits together four new stories of visitors wanting to travel through time by sitting at the one special table, but as the original title warns, there is a time limit. These fully digestible tales make for perfect winter reading — huddle up with a warm mug of your hot beverage of choice. (No time limit for you, though.)

With his signature watercolor and a touch of magic, Peter H. Reynolds turns out his newest story Our Table about a young girl who notices her family's table suddenly disappearing. The author-illustrator strikes a chord in his new beautiful picture book about the fragility of spending quality time together. It's perfect for a family read-along or great Thanksgiving place-setting.
Like a lovely long weekend with a friend in the know, Stanley Tucci’s reflection on the food that has defined his life is an absolute delight. From enviable school lunches to life-changing chimichurri, Tucci walks us through meals both elevated and comforting. The recipes interspersed (including some outstanding cocktails) will inspire you to test your hand at Fettuccine alla Bolognese—or at the very least, a solid martini.

• Back with more observations that give voice to your own terrible internal narrative, David Sedaris' newest collection of diaries A Carnival of Snackery is just the remedy for missing crowded public places. At once brutal and humane, he takes on his own shortcomings as well as those of everyone he comes into contact with. You will laugh out loud—and only feel a little bad about it.

• Rethink how you see the landscape with North American Maps for Curious Minds. A deep infographic dive into everything from record-setting amusement park rides to where you'll end up if you just keep swimming, this collection of maps will get you thinking. A great pick for curious minds of all ages.
• Anthony Doerr weaves his newest book, Cloud Cuckoo Land, into a tapestry that stretches across centuries — linking the lives of his characters through words, stories, libraries and, most notably, an invented manuscript (for which the novel is named) written by the very real ancient Greek author Antonius Diogenes. Breathtaking.

• All of Us Villains We all always secretly love the villains and these villains give us a lot to love! Enter Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman's world of spellrings, magic, family drama, angst, and a curse that demands blood. This unforgettable world will be with you long after you leave these pages.

• Like its namesake, Kaleidoscope by Brian Selznick is a compellingly fractured series of interconnected stories looking at grief and memory. Each shiny, magical tale can be layered on top of the other stories to create a work of art and a thing of beauty. Simply spectacular!
• Stamped (For Kids) - Adapted by Sonja Cherry-Paul, Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi outline racism and antiracism in America and how we can eradicate racist thoughts in this chapter book adaptation of Stamped. For kids as well as adults who prefer straightforward and succinct writing.

• Hello, Star is about a girl who befriends a star, making it her mission in life to be there for it until its last moments. This picture book is so touching and is a beautiful reminder that we are not alone in this universe and that we have impact. You might tear up just reading the first sentence of the synopsis like I did.

• Get whisked away on a fantastic journey by a time-traveling mouse in Einstein by Torben Kuhlmann. The beautiful illustrations and creative story of Einstein's theory of relativity will be a hit with any young (or old!) science lover in your life.

Lemon, Love, and Olive Oil is the perfect follow-up to Mina Stone's cult-favorite Cooking for Artists. Featuring thoughtful design and stunning photography, this new cookbook incorporates heartfelt stories of Stone's close-knit Greek-American family and the food they love to eat and — thankfully — share. Listen:
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Frank Herbert's Dune hits the big screen anew and interest in the original book has certainly been piqued. Grab yourself the audiobook (a steal with a membership!) featuring a full audio cast and delight in telling all your friends "the book was better."

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Fans of true crime, graphic novels, memoirs or all of the above, will enjoy Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell's Murder Book! This New Yorker cartoonist and comedian delves into her love for true crime and journeys to find the root of her deep obsession, and her mom is along for the ride.

Pre-order with River Bend and get a signed bookplate from the author-illustrator as well as a set of exclusive Law & Order-inspired stickers!  
If you're gearing up for NaNoWriMo or you're just a creative type who has no idea what that funny-sounding word means, check out these great writing titles and call the shop for some of our favorites!