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Reagan's Honduras Update
Reagan had the opportunity to go to Honduras for a week with our local church's youth group. City Hope Church (our home church) also has a church in Honduras, as well as a Dream Center which serves as their ministry base to the community there. Reagan had an amazing week and was pushed out of her comfort zone in many ways.

One of the things we prayed for her before she left, was for her Spanish to come back...and it did! A couple of days after arriving in Honduras, she let us know that the Spanish she had learned years ago while living in Costa Rica, all came back to her and she was able to be used in a bigger capacity as she was able to translate for people as they served. She was able to have conversations with the bus driver as well as with the soccer coach there that other students were not able to have due to the language barrier.

Reagan was also asked to share a message one night. She shared her testimony for the first time on a platform and gave a little message along with it to the youth at the Dream Center. The team also served through sports ministry, home visits, and an elderly women's ministry, which was all a lot of fun for her. Thank you so much to those of you who prayed and supported her, God did amazing things in and through her. We are so proud of her!
July Family Update
Summer has been in full swing around here!

July 1st we celebrated Isaiah's "Gotcha Day." It has been 9 years since we brought him home from Ethiopia, time truly does fly by! He is living his best life this summer, learning how to drive our friend's golf cart, swimming, going to a couple of day camps, and more!

We had good friends from Florida stay in town for a night, it was great to connect with them again, the kids have missed their Florida friends!

Nathan turned 42 on July 8th, we celebrate him and his life every day - he is such a gift to all of us! (This is Laura writing this, not Nate, haha)

After returning from Honduras, Reagan has been busy with babysitting, painting her senior parking space at school (we can't believe she will be a senior this year!!!), hanging out with friends, and helping us shuttle the kids around to all of their activities.

Abbi was invited to go on her friend's family vacation with her. They stayed at a house on a lake and she had a blast! She learned how to wakeboard, water ski, paddleboard, and had tons of fun!

We celebrated Malachi's 12th "Gotcha Day" on July 19th. He has been growing in many ways recently and we are so grateful. His love of fishing has returned recently, so nearly every day you can "catch" him (see what I did there?) fishing in one of the ponds in our neighborhood. He still isn't a big fan of getting the fish off the hook, but who is?!

Darrell is doing well in the Army, we don't hear from him much, but love it whenever we are able to connect with him.

Laura has continued to play tennis throughout the summer in between running the kids all around.

Nate has been selflessly waking up at 5:00 am each weekday to take Abbi and Malachi to Cross Country practice, luckily he is a good napper and makes up for the lost sleep when he returns. He has been serving at youth group and is looking forward to getting even more involved at church.

We love and appreciate each of you so much! Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family, we are taking life one day at a time and continuing to seek God in all we do.
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