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Real Change Begins with Leaders  

We dream of seeing the Body of Christ move from independence, insecurity and isolation to living from whole-hearted, authentic, biblical community overflowing with love, grace, and truth. This shift begins with church leaders. As pastors and key leaders discover their whole hearts and become the men and women God created them to be, the effect ripples throughout their congregations.
Below you will read stories from church leaders of the impact of the Battle on their ability to love people well and effectively shepherd the Body of Christ.

Shepherding Hearts 

It was a situation every pastor has encountered and no pastor enjoys. I sat in the hospital room with a couple who had just received the devastating news that their three-year-old daughter had an inoperable brain tumor. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment would cause significant suffering with little hope of success. What could I possibly say that would help in such a time as this?
Through the Battle for Men's Hearts, I had come face to face with my tendency to want to have right answers. Omni-competence was my pose, the fig leaves I try to use to cover up my brokenness. But such a strategy is tragically inadequate when faced with such horrific circumstances. Times would come when I needed to help this couple work through some of their questions. But for now, they simply needed me to weep with those who weep. That's what I did.
Through my Battle experience, I have become aware of the opportunity to love people well by simply paying attention to what is going on inside me. After only two months, this couple's daughter breathed her last and entered her rest with her Savior. Because I was in touch with my heart and free to offer my presence rather than answers, I was able to rejoice and mourn with them through the abundant joys and sorrows.
Offering this heart-to-heart connection touched my desire for impact. I am thankful that God has used the Battle for the Heart to sanctify me in this way.

Brad Allison
Senior Pastor
Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, AL

Redefining Discipleship  
Phil Chambers - Pastor at Christ Community Church in Helen, AL
The Battle process has provided dramatic results in our church. I am witnessing the beginning of a discipleship movement that will have ripple effects in all areas of our ministry. We have had discipleship groups meet since the inception of our church, but have never emphasized living from an integrated heart. Boy, what a miss! I have heard from every man who has gone through the process how it has improved and deepened their marriages and parenting. Not one man has regretted the experience.
I am so grateful that Oak Mountain and Wellspring Group would invite small churches like mine to experience the life-changing value of the Battle for the Heart. I can only imagine the joy and vitality that will be seen in our church as men and women are impacting their domains with their unique contribution.
Michael Witt, MD - Medical Doctor, Elder at Intown Community Church in Atlanta, GA
The Battle for your Heart has profoundly affected my ministry and way of doing church in a couple of unique ways. 
One, I now understand that shepherding others is primarily taking a mutual journey into the heart, as opposed to just studying the Bible or completing a discipleship program. When my team and I relate to God and each other from our whole hearts, we are able to identify our barriers to Jesus instead of simply gaining more information about Him. The result is that Jesus begins to meet our deep desires in community, as we are known and loved by each other.

The Battle has also redefined my starting place for leadership. For example, our session meetings now always begin with state of your heart updates. As we take the time to share our hearts with each other, our team leads as broken men who are known, loved, and united by grace. We listen much better to each other and to the Holy Spirit. The outcome is that we are able to lead our church as men who are discovering the gospel, not just dispensing it.

Will you partner in our dream?

The testimonies you've just read are powerful, tangible examples of Wellspring Group's dream coming to life in the Body of Christ. To see this dream realized in more church leaders and congregations, we ask you to prayerfully consider coming alongside us as a financial partner.
Together we can see multiplying numbers of men and women become who God created them to be.

Together we can see churches become transforming communities
  • Pastoral and lay leaders living and leading from authentic, biblical community
  • Broken people being restored and sent out to reveal the heart of God to a broken world
  • Couples discovering the fullness of intimacy that God intended
  • Young families growing in maturity that affects not only them but also the generations to come
Together we can see m issionaries experience personal and relational transformation that allows them to more clearly live out the gospel. 
We are seeing increasing opportunities for national impact across the U.S. through partnerships with churches in various denominations. And we are thrilled about the potential for global opportunities through partnerships with missions organizations.
As you read in the testimonies above and as we are hearing in countless other stories from across the country and around the globe, our dream is coming true! Will you partner with us to carry this dream across the nation and the world?

Our 2015 Goals:
  • $225,000 in special contributions - currently need $135,000 to reach it.
  • $6,000 in new monthly partners by year end.
Would you prayerfully consider how God might be stirring your heart to partner with us?

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Thank you for the vital part you are playing in bringing this dream to reality!


Pray for BWH in Prague this Weekend

On November 12-15, twenty missionaries from ReachGlobal and five from United World Missions attend a Battle for Women's Hearts in Prague. These women have incredible potential for impact across Europe as they live from their whole hearts.
Please pray for these women and for their leaders this weekend: Gary and Sandy Wittevrongel, Dale and Carmen Phillips, Cindy Purcell, Alice Lewallen, Judy Keappler, and Dora Becker. 

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