April 19, 2018
Real Deal or Fake News?
Real or fake: ARDA World 2018 Annual Convention & Expo is in Orlando this year in April
Recently (assuming you are a current events buff) we learned about Russian "bots" being deployed to influence our election using the volume of certain social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Those bots may or may not have been intended to sway anything, but they certainly did influence the content of social posts, and in some occasions, real events.

Across the Transom...
Here's a look at some of the news we've seen this week.

RCI a vacation exchange operator, recently welcomed five new resorts in Japan to its RCI Weeks program, adding new holiday options to its 3.8 million global exchange members. These five properties are located across Japan in popular tourist destinations, including three new cities for RCI Members - Mie Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, and Tochigi Prefecture.

What do  Global Discovery Vacations   (GDV) club members like to do on vacation?   Global Connections Inc. (GCI), a pioneer in the travel club industry,  has revealed that relaxing on the beach is the number one priority for GDV members.

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