For the latest accurate information on Coronavirus
and COVID-19, go to the CDC website .
By Scott Bush, GMAR VP of Operations

We have been plunged into a new realty, living and working in the unprecedented environment of the COVID-19 crisis. We are experiencing a fire hose blast of information from countless media sources. It’s important to seek out reliable news sources because there’s no shortage of misinformation and myths about COVID-19.

As REALTORS®, you’ve often been put in the role of counselor - keeping things real and in proper perspective when customers and clients are overwhelmed with the complexity of a real estate transaction. As long as there are transaction difficulties, the role of the REALTOR® will remain an important service.

Sellers and Buyers may look to you as a voice of reason which means your job just became more challenging. Here are some things to consider in addressing the concerns your customers and clients may have:

All those businesses, organizations and schools closing
Remind them that the anxiety these closings are causing is normal. However, these closings are actually a very positive step to control the spread of the disease and get us back to “normal” at a faster pace.

Sellers May No Longer Want Buyers (Strangers) in their Homes
This is not an unreasonable concern. After all, leading health experts want us to stay home if we can.

The MLS has created the following new policy to address this matter: SHOWINGS NOT REQUIRED ON ACTIVE LISTINGS

This is Temporary
Nobody really knows how long this pandemic will last. However, we do know that it will end. If sellers still want to show their home, consider using social media.
This also could be a good time to remind sellers to be ready for the market to bounce back.
Extra Preparation
Sellers can use this time if they’re sheltering at home to prepare. Buyers will be out again. Sellers can use this time to clean out and organize closets, drawers, attics, basements and garages.

Consider a pre-home inspection to see if you have any work or repairs that will likely need to be performed. Remember, that even in our market of limited inventory, today’s buyers are still looking for the best dressed homes and are not generally overpaying.
Buyers will Lose Interest
We may lose some home seekers because they may have a job loss or decreased income. However, remember that we recently had a glut of buyers out looking. Inventory was already limited, so there still should be enough buyers with cabin fever ready to be out home shopping.
NAR Guidlines
Here is a link to NAR’s information on dealing with COVID-19  

Remember that America has always come back from crisis and this to will pass

Please stay healthy by following the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines.