It appears that we are headed for a recession. How long and how deep it will be is unknown yet, but you can prepare for the recession and hit the road in full stride when the market does come back.

Real Trends magazine noted during the Great Recession that historically, even in the worst economic circumstances, 5% of households still turned over.

Life happens, and people want to buy and sell real estate in all types of situations. You have to prepare for all of those situations.

To help you be prepared, the GMAR will re-publish various media from many respected real estate sources (many of which you have free access to as a member) whenever we see them. We will publish them on our social media channels (see below for links), in our weekly Thursday newsletter, and in emails like this one.

So, here are a few recent articles to get things started:

What you can be doing right now to prepare for a recession - The challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak - and the response to it - are creating an economic downturn ripe for recession. How can agents, teams and brokers be ready to face it?

7 essential tips for communicating with your sphere during crisis - Don't make the major mistake of not communicating with your clients and prospects during this time of uncertainty. It could define the rest of your career. Here's how to do it right.

Listing Mastery: Outpace the Competition With a New Listing Game - This RISMedia video, hosted by Verl Workman, CEO of Workman Success Systems, addresses generating listings and selling your services, with firsthand insights from agents who best their competition and consistently earn listings year-round.

Turn Your Business Plan Into an Action Plan - This RISMedia video, hosted by Verl Workman, CEO of Workman Success Systems, discusses creating an actionable business plan as your first step to success. Don't lose sight of your strategy! In this webinar, learn how to effectively execute on your goals and plans for this year. 

Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA (PSA) - The Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), a free certification course for GMAR members, gives you the knowledge base and skills needed to successfully complete a comparative marketing analysis (CMA) and to clearly communicate it to your client(s). It is specifically designed to help residential real estate agents and brokers.

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