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Autumn is here and the season brings plenty of fun events. Come to Seven Mile Island and celebrate the Harvest Festival coming up the last weekend of October.

Avalon Beachfront Dunes
Volunteers are invited to help plant dune grass or work with the Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweep in Avalon on Saturday, October 20th. Check in at the Avalon Community Hall at 8:30 am. Watch for an airplane on the Avalon beachfront between October 22nd and 26th. The plane will be fertilizing the dune grass using a non-toxic pellet fertilizer from 8th through 80th streets. Flyovers will begin around 7 am for about two and half hours. The schedule may change depending on weather conditions. The fertilization program is recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to help ensure the survival of the dune grass.

Grass on the Avalon Beach Dunes

Avalon's New Weather Station
Avalon is now hosting its own independent weather station that provides continual weather monitoring. In addition all historical weather data is captured and is available for future planning. The Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station is located on the radio tower next to the public safety building. The installation is 65' above the ground and provides accurate real time wind speed and direction. Mayor Martin Pagliughi says the weather station will help emergency management prepare for and monitor severe weather conditions. The historical data will help planning for projects to protect public and private property.

Stone Harbor Launches Free App
The "Recycle Coach" app is free and will provide residents, businesses and visitors with information about recycling schedules and what is permitted for recycling.

Flu Season is Coming - Free Flu Shots Available
Everyone is encouraged to get a flu shot this year. Free flu shots are being given at the Avalon Community Hall on October 29th.

Market Trend Update for October
Is it fall yet? This weather pattern has the flowers and a tree not knowing which way is up! But the warm temps continue to heat up the market here on Seven Mile Island.

September sales were considerably stronger than those of 2017!  53% greater! September was the only month this year with 55 sales - the strongest month of the year! Single home sales grew by 69%! Why? INVENTORY! We are beginning to see new inventory hit the market and the upper end is alive and well which is where the preponderance of our single home inventory sits.

September was also the month of the Bayfront sales in Avalon - 6 in total. Three of those sales over $5.3 million! The bay continues to surpass the beach block in value. Bay is king in 2018!

Of the 32 single home sales 78% occurred in Avalon for the month. The upper end was clearly the strong suit in September with 19% OVER $4.0 million; 34% - $2.0 - $3.999. The market $1.2-$1.999 saw 31% of the single home sales with only 12.5% under $1.0 million.

Condo sales for the month of September were split down the middle with 50% sold in each town while all of the townhome sales were in Avalon. With the exception of two beach block condo sales in Avalon, all the condo sales were under $600,000. The highest townhome sale was again - on the Avalon bay front - over $2.1 million.

Days on market has dropped dramatically to 81 as compared to 204 for the same time in 2017. The day of multiple offers has returned along with sales over asking price.

The Ferguson Dechert sales team participated in 43% of the Avalon sales - 34% of the sales on the entire island in the month of September. Our team has participated in more sales than the combined sales of the next 6 agencies. We continue to bring more homes to market with 24.5% of the island's inventory selling approximately 40% of our own listings. We dominate the market place across all categories of business!

If your home is listed for sale, pay attention to the calendar. We have about 45 more days of strong selling before the market generally quiets for the holidays. Your home should be experiencing regular showings, activity and yes, OFFERS! This is your time to shine as a seller!!

If you are considering trading up or down, or looking to become one of the fortunate home owners here on Seven Mile Island you need a voice and set of eyes here - not just watch Zillow or Realtor.com. Opportunities present regularly prior to entry into the MLS. Be the first to know and stay in touch with the market on a minute by minute basis. CALL ME!

Call me if I can be of any assistance and have a fun-filled Halloween!


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Upcoming Events
  • October 14th - Avalon Lions Club Past Night, Windrift Resort Hotel, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • October 17th - Senior Fun Day, American Legion Post #331, 1 - 3 pm
  • October 20th - Fall Dune Grass Planting and Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweep, Avalon Community Center, 8:30 am
  • October 24th - Senior Fun Day, American Legion Post #331, 1 - 3 pm
  • October 27th - Stone Harbor Harvest Festival, Downtown Stone Harbor, 11 am - 4 pm
  • October 27th - Avalon's Trunk or Treat, 29th Street parking lot, 4:30 pm park, 5 - 7 pm
  • October 31st - 7 Mile Island Trick-or-Treating, Island Wide, 5 - 8 pm
  • October 31st - Senior Fun Day, American Legion Post #331, 1 - 3 pm
  • November 10th - Olde Fashion Christmas Bazaar, Avalon Methodist Church, 9 am - 2 pm
  • November 10th - Big Band Dance - Tony De Luca, Avalon Community Hall
  • November 11th - Veterans Day Ceremony, American Legion Post 333, 11 am
  • November 14th - Senior Fun Day, American Legion Post #331, 1 - 3 pm
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