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June 2017, VOLUME 6
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Per Day Pedestrian Counts Comparisons
7/3/2017 to 7/9/2017


Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the busiest days in the district 
Data below is from 1/1/2017 to 7/9/2017 
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100 West 125th Street 
Thank you Darryl Cunningham and Olive Garden for sponsoring our first solar powered trash receptacles 
Pilot Trash Compactor Receptacle Program coming to Lenox Avenue and 125th Street this month
 Daryl Cunningham has mastered the art of providing exceptional guest experiences. He started his career with Olive Garden thirteen years ago as a server, and opened the Olive Garden in Paramus in 2013 as General Manager. His passion for exceeding his guest's expectations has earned him top guest satisfaction ratings in Paramus, NJ, Queens, NY, and most recently in the new Harlem location. In his free time, Daryl enjoys playing the saxophone free lance and traveling. He also loves to travel with his fiancée and two children. Grateful for an amazing team, Daryl makes sure that both guests and team members alike are treated in a way that has become customary in Harlem.
125th Street BID Member

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 A Step by Step Approach 
for a
Cleaner and Healthier Harlem
July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

While NYC Department of Sanitation and private trash carting services used by the business community have the primary responsibility for trash pickup, there has been a continuing need for the BID to augment these services. Trash is a problem that affects the quality of life of all community residents. It has public health implications and affects the economic vitality of the street. This year, the BID  took several steps to meet this challenge head on.   
Acquired Initial  Funding  
Councilwoman Dickens provided funds to be used to: 
  • Launch an awareness campaign to improve health and cleanliness,
  • Purchase of new trash receptacles 
  • Review and Update the BID's 2007 study " Impact of NYC Waste on 125th Street
Former Councilwoman
Inez Dickens
Built Strategic Partnerships 
BID met with former Chairman of Community Board #10 (now NYS Senator) to discuss partnering to improve health and cleanliness in Harlem.  Benjamin assigned project to the Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Dr. Hazel Dukes.  Over the course of the year, the committee along with the BID examined ways to  educate the community and find solutions to the existing conditions that contribute to excessive garbage pollution in Harlem. 
Manhattan Community Board #10 
Monthly committee meeting 
Developed  Logos and Imagery for the project

The Harlem Just Dunk It image was developed by Anabelle Okei.  Ms. Okei is a communication and design major.  As a part of the CUNY Service Corp, she was an intern for the 125th Street BID from September 2016 to March 2017). Thank you Ms. Okei.  
Research and Data Collection

Columbia University School of International Policy Administration  
reviewed BID's 2007 study "Impacts of New York City Waste on the 125th Street BID".  Prepared by the Urban Design Lab, The Earth Institute Columbia University for the 125th Street BID, the report has been a tool to guide the BID's operations over the past several years.  However, with the many changes occuring on 125th Street and the amount of accumulated garbage, it was clear that it was time to take a closer look at how garbage is being picked up, where is it coming from, effectiveness of the BID's operations and what adjustments are needed from many fronts. 
The study is taking a look at the following:  
Sanitation and waste collection in NYC and most recent citywide laws and policies.

The 125th Street area -- its demographics, economy, policies, governance structure, recent developments as well as future projects. 

The Effect of citywide policies on the 125th Street -- In what ways are citywide policies and laws are applicable and in what ways are they not and why.

This work will yield Recommendations for improving the waste and trash situation on the 125th Street and other areas in Harlem. 

Harlem Just Dunk It Community Forum 

Monthly Community Board Meetings 

Update at Monthly Full Board Meetings 
  Promotional Materials      Promotional Materials    
Outreach, Educate & Promote
Pilot Trash Receptacle Program 
Coming July 2017. 
Lenox Avenue and 125th Street 
 Images of the cans  
Updated BID 2007 Study
"Effective Waste Management on the 125th Street BID"

Release date TBD 
 125th Street BID
Analytic Trash Policy Model 

Moving Forward 
FY 17-18

Acquire additional funding

To understand the quantity, type and origin of trash on the street; to characterize the problem by identifying effective means by which to solve it and to use survey methods already developed by Columbia University to under-take a trash count specific to Harlem.  Students will be hired to conduct the survey.  Trash counts will be conducted on 15 blocks 4 times.  Students will also do data entry and analysis and produce a report with recommendations and solutions.  A report will be reproduced and used to seek support for the recommended actions. 

Councilmember William Perkins 
Continued Research  
Day 1

Urban Design Lab at the Earth Institute  



School of International Policy Administration  

Survey methods already developed by Columbia University to under-take a trash count specific to Harlem will be used.  Students from Columbia University already familiar with the survey methods will be hired to conduct the survey.  They will compare the results to the results of the city-wide survey, and share their findings in a report.  They will also work with the 125th Street BID and other community organizations to come up with recommendations to stop trash appearing on our streets.  Stopping trash where it starts in Harlem will contribute to a cleaner, healthier Harlem.  It will also prevent trash that is washed into our storm drain-system when it rains, making it's way to the city's water--ways and polluting the city's rivers and harbor.  

Your 125th Street BID at work for you.