Selling a home or condo where an occupant was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus takes extra care and precaution. There are many aspects to consider, but a REALTOR® can handle these steps with the Seller prior to any Buyer showing:
- Remove everything from the property when vacated
All unattached, personal items inside and outside of the home must be immediately removed from the property. But, what to do with the items? Disclosing to a company or to a charity that items may have been exposed to COVID-19 is a must and they will decide to accept, or not. Clothing and fabric covered items may not be accepted, and since places like the Salvation Army has suspended pick-up service, donating large items is limited. However, there are people and companies still hauling away unwanted items...except hazardous materials, which need to be taken to a special site. An auction house or consignment company still want items of value to sell for an owner. And, as long as COVID-19 is an issue, an on-site estate sale is not an option.
- Professionally sanitize
Once the property is empty, a professional restoration service must be used to deep clean all surfaces in and around the property, using EPA designated cleaning products.
- Disclose, disclose, disclose
State on the listing and on various Seller disclosure forms that the property has been professionally sanitized because a previous occupant was infected by the COVID-19 virus. Listing agents must adhere to OSHA showing protocols through inspections and until the close of escrow.