The lace tablecloths, the silver serving pieces, the china bird collection all meticulously saved for your children and theirs to inherit. Except no one wants your beloved items , at best, maybe a small memento. Excerpts from a Forbes article lists the top ten objects your kids do not want .
Books : If you think a book is valuable search on and see what information is found.
Otherwise donate books to a library, a Senior residence, or call a nearby book dealer.
Paper Memorabilia : Photos or other ephemera linked to a well-known person or event is something the off-spring will keep. Otherwise, upload family photos onto a digital file for everyone to enjoy.
Steamer Trunks, Film Projectors et al : Every family has some relic and thrift stores are full of these items, so donate or toss and don’t look back. (Some non-profits are overstocked with computers.)
Collections of Any Kind : Frogs, chickens, pigs, elephants, bells, trolls, steins, even Hummel’s and Precious Moments figurines are not desired by grown children. Again, take a collection photo then donate to anyone, anywhere.
Heavy, Dark, Antique Furniture: While there is still a market for some, especially mid-century modern, old furniture is undesirable. If a buy-out/resale company isn’t interested, then donate.
Persian Rugs : One of the hardest things to sell today; donate.
Linens/Hand-Embroidered: Donate to a theater costume shop or hand-made clothing artisans.
Sterling Silver Flatware/Crystal Anything : Formal entertaining is long gone and so is polishing. Sell whole sets to , which in turn sells per piece.
Fine Porcelain Dinnerware: Families don't see the value in bringing out the good stuff once a year.