Evacuate immediately: What are you going to do? That dreaded middle-of-the-night call for a nearby fire or an EQ that gives no warning ... this is CA living . You don’t have a car and your children can’t get to you. Or, maybe your spouse is ill or you have numerous pets on hand. Don’t wait for someone to knock on your door, emergency alerts are mostly done electronically (phone or text) or through the media . Whatever your living situation is, make an emergency plan, today !
1. Talk with several neighbors : Ask a few neighbors to keep in touch with you during a crisis, and keep their home and cell numbers available. All you need is one caring heart to help you escape.
2. Warning ! leave anyway : If you are given a voluntary evacuation notice, pack a small bag and leave anyway. Don’t wait for the stampede, escape while you can...safe, rather than sorry.
3. Service providers ; people who work for you daily or weekly: In case you forget, or you can’t call them, have a discussion with workers, today, to leave immediately if they ever see ash or smoke in the area. They are not to work that day, but will be paid anyway. Click and read this LA Times article.
4. Make an emergency list : Itemize what you need to take and do while you have a clear head. Post the list in several areas of your home; i.e. on the inside of your medicine cabinet and coat closet door; create a list in your cell phone Notes app or add a new phone "contact" and name it Emergency List .
AND : If you know a neighbor who may need help… reach out to them . Put them on your 911 list.