Those of us who attended the California Federation of Teachers Convention last month came away inspired and energized to continue the work that our statewide union has accomplished. We were reminded that both CFT and the Guild have been instrumental in improving the lives of faculty statewide and have strengthened our schools and colleges for the students and communities we serve.
Among these successes are:

  • Implementing collective bargaining for the public sector (1976)
  • Fighting back against bad decisions by Boards of Trustees and becoming politically aware and active by supporting trustee candidates who share our values (1986)
  • Improving STRS benefits through legislation and elected representation on the STRS Board
  • Increasing funding for public education through our advocacy (Prop 98, Prop 25, Prop 30, and Prop 55)
  • Fighting the rogue accreditation agency, the ACCJC, leading to its reform (2016)
  • In line with the Guild’s history of “thinking big” and taking on the important issues of our time, we are working alongside the CFT to take on the increasing privatization of public education, fight for free college for Californians, and help for those drowning in student debt.

Your voice makes us stronger. Join us in our fight.