It’s said that out of misfortune comes opportunity. While we were distressed about the Janus v. AFSCME decision, we have faced this attack on unions and working people by standing strong, showing our power, and demonstrating the value of the work we do. Our voices remain strong – and we recognize that our words and actions are more important than ever. Our organizing is reaping benefits beyond the collecting of dues and the signing of membership cards. This month, we can be proud of many Guild actions and projects:

  • A successful demonstration at a Board of Trustees meeting at Southwest College resulted in discussions with Board members on finding a suitable facility for the LASC Nursing Program.

  • Our student debt clinics have escalated into a lawsuit, with two of our members stepping up to be plaintiffs in the case against Navient, one of the most notorious student loan services, which is accused of lying to and misleading borrowers.

  • We are continuing to flex our political muscle to take action to support candidates running in the November election who care about the public good versus privatization. Join us for phone banking and precinct walking in support of these candidates. Contact Guild Political Director Natalina Monteiro at or (310) 469-4083 to get involved.

Stand with us as we continue to speak up and speak out – loud and clear!

In Solidarity,
Joanne Waddell
AFT 1521 President