As we've learned more about period poverty, we have continued to be stunned, if not shocked, by the impact this issue has on millions of girls and women around the world. Just last week, Lillian, a Thrive and Set Free Movement leader in Kenya shared a heart-breaking story with us about teen girls in Nairobi.

Please note: This story is very sensitive and we want to caution you that this may be triggering as it contains abuse and sexual content.

Recently, while visiting with the Thrive Juniors at Mathare slums, a Thrive Junior girl asked for prayers regarding some of the challenges they encounter. Men are offering to sleep with the girls so the girls can get the funds to buy sanitary towels [pads] which cost 50ksh (approximately $0.50 USD). This is a huge challenge especially now that covid-19 has affected most of their parents' jobs which has made life difficult.

These girls are under 15 years old. Period poverty affects them every month. These young girls' lives are difficult, they are faced with unfair and impossible choices no one should have to consider, but we can help in this incredibly practical way, helping Kenyan leaders provide reusable menstrual supplies and holistic health education.
Wunders exists to:
  • protect young women, to reduce their vulnerability so that girls can stay in school and thrive,
  • employ women locally to make these menstrual supplies, and
  • educate against gender inequality

To learn more about this issue, visit the brand new Wunders website here:

Would you pray for our team as we travel to Nairobi this week? If you are able, would you make a one-time donation today? Your donations ensure that we can develop and distribute reusable menstrual supplies and provide livelihood and faith-based holistic health education. 
Updates & Developments:

  • The Wunders website is up and running at!
  • Prototype development, revision, and new prototype creation continues.
  • We are headed to Kenya starting this Thursday through June 27.
  • You can help fund this trip through your donations... and we're setting up a way you can help with crowdfunding soon!
During our trip, we plan to:
  • get more in-depth feedback from girls and women who have been trying beginning samples. (Believe it or not, feedback through texts, messages, and video conferencing isn't ideal when you're talking about awkward or taboo menstruation and how well menstrual pads/underwear work.)
  • make sure the group has tools they will need
  • draft a business plan to keep this self-sustaining long-term
  • write curriculum tailored for Kenyan classrooms and families

Please pray for safety in the midst of this global pandemic, especially for our Kenyan leaders, and for the launch of this livelihood project that will get supplies to girls in great need.
The mission of Wunders is to equip girls and women to thrive, helping girls stay in school. We do this through locally-made sustainable menstrual supplies and community-based education that fights trafficking and emphasizes that we are all created in the image of God. 
This project is made possible through the synergistic partnership of these organizations:
We encourage you to forward this to a friend, leader, or someone else you know who would like the opportunity to help invest in girls and women.

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