The end of the summer season is a great time to evaluate the progress of your company's projects to decide whether additional help is needed to meet each deadline. Problems occur throughout the lifespan of a project. The key is recognizing them before it's too late to make adjustments.  If you're interested in adding architecture, engineering or construction talent to your team, let us help connect you with the most qualified and in-demand candidates on the market!

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Katy Cook, CSP
Marketing Coordinator

What's Happening at RealStreet?
RealStreet Hired Two New Recruiting Coordinators!
RealStreet is pleased to announce that Alexa Correia and Katie Malagari joined RealStreet last month as Recruiting Coordinators in the Frederick office. They will support the Recruiting team by searching job board databases and social networking sites for potential candidates. Additional responsibilities include coordinating the candidate application process by scheduling candidate interviews, formatting resumes, creating ScoreCards and assisting with basic HR functions including processing background checks, completing references and recording/verifying new hire start dates.

Prior to RealStreet,  Alexa attended Hood College, graduating  Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resource Management and Marketing. Alexa  was a Student Assistant in the Office of Admissions, where she provided administrative support and worked as a Blazer Ambassador tour guide. During this time, she also completed two HR internships, was active in multiple student  associations and volunteered regularly as a teacher's aide at a local elementary  school. 

Katie is another recent graduate of Hood College. She earned a  Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Administration,  concentrating in Human Resource Management and Marketing and  minoring in Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Studies.  During her matriculation at Hood, Katie also served as a Head Resident Assistant and worked for the Mental Health Association on a Development & Marketing Internship.

Interesting Industry Information
How Does the Job Market Look?
For another look at the information, check out the BLS' interactive graphs.

The U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a "M onthly Jobs Report"  soon after the beginning of each month. Each report describes the previous month's employment situation, based on data such as the number of jobs that were added to the economy and the unemployment rate. 

According to t he  June Jobs Report,  t he US economy saw an increase of 213,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate increased slightly to 4%. 

The rise in unemployment was due to a bump in the labor force participation rate, as more individuals return to the workforce and others leave their jobs voluntarily as they look for other employment. 

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)  Industry 

The BLS showed an increase of 13,000 jobs within the construction industry.  A recent Architect Magazine   article, featuring the chart shown to the right, indicated that the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry as a whole spiked For example (and illustrated in the images below and to the right):  
  • Architectural and engineering services increased by 6,800 jobs  
  • Heavy and civil engineering increased by 6,100 jobs
  • Specialty trade contractors increased by 3,200 jobs
RealStreet Recently Hired...
  • Construction Manager
  • Hydrologist
  • Sanitary Engineer 
  • Mechanical Engineer 
  • Direct Hire-Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Construction Inspector
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Environmental Planner
  • Construction Manager
  • Instructor
  • Construction Marketing Manager
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IT & Cyber Security
 Tips to Reduce Cyber Security Risks While Traveling
Planning a trip? Whether the purpose is to conduct business, sight-see or relax and recharge, there are a growing number of cyber risks. According to a recent CSO Online article, travelers should take precautions to minimize threats.

Know your rights. 
Educate yourself on local laws and customs before you go, particularly when traveling outside the country. Do not assume that you will be shown the same courtesies or afforded the same protections as American Citizens within U.S. boarders. 

Protect private information. 
Whether you misplace a mobile phone or have a laptop confiscated in a foreign country, you don't want to lose or leak anything sensitive. Backup your files before you leave, remove confidential data (when possible), update / install antivirus software and e nsure it isn't easy for unwanted eyes to view your devices' content by using password protection and data encryption. 

Connect carefully. 
Turn off your devices' wireless auto connect functionalities. Avoid connecting to public WiFi (e.g. airports, hotels, cafes, etc.) and use a personal MiFi whenever possible. If use of a public network is unavoidable, confirm its legitimacy  and exact details with staff before connecting. Only use secure sites (those that begin with https) and avoid sharing any sensitive data, such as credit card information.

Surf safely. 
As always, use caution when opening emails / attachments, downloading / installing files and using the internet. If anything looks suspicious delete it as soon as possible and check for malware. Be conscientious of physical surroundings and other individuals. Guard your screen from on-lookers and never leave your devices unattended

Featured News Post
Creating a Culture Employees Love
As individuals are placing an increasing amount of importance on workplace culture, it should be a leading concern of competitive organizations, especially in a tight labor market.  When deciding where to work, job seekers often seek out positive environments that foster creativity,  collaboration and leadership. They look for jobs that provide growth opportunities, as well the support needed to achieve success.  Additionally, if a company's culture is not an ideal fit for current employees, it could drastically impact its ability to retain top talent.

Read the full article for ways to build a workplace culture that both candidates and employees will love. 

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