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As the end of summer approaches, construction deadlines become more impending. The industry sees an increase in work during warmer weather, while many employees schedule their vacations during this same time. If companies did not plan accordingly, schedules may become increasingly difficult to meet. They will need qualified professionals to help wrap up any loose ends. Are you interested in a new architecture, engineering or construction opportunity? We can help connect you to some of the hottest jobs the industry has to offer!

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A Once In A Lifetime Experience!
Total Solar Eclipse
For the first time in nearly 100 years, a total eclipse will cross the entire country on August 21st! According to the NASA website
  • The path of totality is a relatively thin ribbon, around 70 miles wide, that will cross the U.S. from West to East.  
  • The first point of contact will be at Lincoln Beach, Oregon at 9:05 a.m. PDT. Totality begins there at 10:16 a.m. PDT.  
  • Over the next hour and a half, it will cross through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina.  
  • The total eclipse will end near Charleston, South Carolina at 2:48 p.m. 
Image source: NASA

The NASA Eclipse website is full of great content, such as: 
  • Resources - e.g. downloadable materials, helpful related website, apps
  • Educational materials for various ages
  • Activities - e.g. art projects, pin hole projectors and science challenges
  • Event information - where to go or how to host your own eclipse party
If you aren't able to see the full eclipse where you are, you can always watch NASA's live streaming video throughout the day.

What's New at RealStreet?
RealStreet Hires Two Recruiting Coordinators!
We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new Recruiting Coordinators  to the RealStreet team: Funmi Alabi and Paige Gemmill. Funmi joined the Marriottsville, MD office and Paige joined the Aberdeen, MD office. 
As Recruiting Coordinators, their responsibilities include supporting the Recruiting team by searching job board databases and social networking sites for potential candidates. They will also assist in coordinating the candidate application process by scheduling candidate interviews, formatting resumes, creating ScoreCards and assisting with basic HR functions including processing background checks, conducting reference checks and recording/verifying new hire start dates.

Prior to joining RealStreet, Funmi was a Collections Specialist for PayPal Credit and has worked as a Brand Ambassador for companies such as Target, Verizon Wireless, PowerAde, US Army and National Guard. 

Before joining RealStreet, Paige graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor's of Art degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Management. While at Millersville University, Paige completed an internship with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts where she assisted with the interview process, scheduled orientations and performed other HR-related functions. 

View their bios on the RealStreet website.


RealStreet wishes you a very 
  • Penelope M. - 08/02
  • Aster M. - 08/03
  • Melodie C. - 08/09
  • Whitney J. - 08/27

Interesting Industry Information
How Does the Job Market Look?
The U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a "M onthly Jobs Report"  soon after the beginning of each month. Each report describes the previous month's employment situation, based on data such as the number of jobs that were added to the economy and the unemployment rate. The US economy added 222,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate increased slightly to 4.4%. For more information, check out the BLS' interactive graphs one of which is provided to the right. 

June marked the eighth anniversary of the end of the recession, at which time the unemployment rate was nearly double what it is now ( as shown in the June 2012 release). The US has seen many signs of recovery from indicators such as the employment, especially from a long-term stand point. Despite the recent jobs report, many are still worried about the overall progress. Many of these are lingering concerns, such as the skills gap, availability of jobs by location and uncertainty with the current administration. 

The Federal Reserve gained the confidence needed to begin increasing interest rates. Despite this, a growing apprehension has become nature of the slow growth of wages, as stated in  recent New York Times publication. Unfortunately, only time will tell whether these concerns are premature.  

Cyber Security
Cloud Computing: The Growing
Importance of Continuous Monitoring
The use of cloud (serverless) platforms is becoming a more widely accepted IT practice throughout both the private and government sectors.  According to:
After all, cloud computing could enable significant costs savings and more streamlined management of mission-critical information technology, data processing and storage needs. However, with the rise in cyber threats - made especially prominent by the numerous high-profile malicious attacks made against government agencies and large enterprises, not only throughout our country, but also across the globe - cloud security is developing into a top concern.  
How to Minimize Risk 
TechTarget states that "cloud computing is a continuous security game", and that "given the fast-paced and self-service nature of cloud computing, IT teams need to adopt a more proactive and continuous security approach". To best mitigate cloud security threats, organizations need to go one step further, regularly testing systems as well. 

CSO also points out the importance of the relationship between cloud providers and clients. There is a shared responsibility for security, but it essential that organizations understand what they are responsible for, and have access to the data and/or system to monitor and test for issues. 

According to the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) of 2014, and as stated in the GAO publication, Best Practices and Leading Practices in Information Technology Management, organizations can protect themselves by: 
  1. Periodically assess the risk and magnitude of the harm that could result from the unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of its information and information systems.
  2. Develop risk-based policies and procedures that cost-effectively reduce information security risks throughout the life cycle of each information system in its information security programs.
  3. Develop subordinate system security plans for providing adequate security for networks, facilities, and systems or groups of information systems (as appropriate).
  4. Provide appropriate security awareness training to personnel, including contractors and other users of information systems that support its operations and assets.
  5. Test and evaluate the effectiveness of information security policies, procedures, and practices as frequently as the risk level requires but no less than annually.
  6. Create a process for planning, implementing, evaluating, and documenting remedial action to address any deficiencies in information security policies, procedures, and practices.
  7. Establish procedures for detecting, reporting, and responding to security incidents, which may include using automated tools; mitigating risks associated with such incidents before substantial damage is done; and notifying and consulting with the information security incident center and other entities, as appropriate, including law enforcement agencies and other relevant officials.
  8. Establish plans and procedures to ensure continuity of operations for information systems that support its operations and assets. Test plans to ensure they work.
  9. Develop, maintain, and annually update an inventory of major information systems.
Seeking additional insight? 

Refer to the following sites for more information:
How many job seekers do you know? Would they be a good fit for one of these positions? 

 To see all of our open positions, check out the  RealStreet Job Board !

RealStreet has recently filled the following positions!
  • QA / QC Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field Superintendent / Quality Control Managers
  • Construction Manager II
  • General Planner II
Featured News Post
Reaching Your Breaking Point?
Here's How to Reduce Your Stress Levels Now!
Perpetually overworked? Take heed, you may be at risk of burnout. If stress at work has been keeping you at the office for long hours, affecting your mood and impacting your sleep, something has to give.  Whether you have too much on your plate or you lack the tools or knowledge to get the job done,  you must recognize the signs and address it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

While you might want to do it all, everyone has limits. Don't push yourself to your breaking point. Instead, make a change for the better.

Preparing for Retirement
Tips to Help You Save More for Retirement
Having trouble setting money aside to put into your 401(k)?

Here are a few quick tips from John Hancock: 
  • Track what you earn vs. what
  • you spend - find ways to lower expenses
  • Create a budget
  • Maximize contributions
  • Annual contribution increase - take the 2% challenge
Need to register?

Online: go to www.jhpensions.com and click on "Register"

  1. Enter your contract number, last name, social security number and date of birth
  2. Enter your email address, and create your username and password
  3. Choose challenge questions and answers
Track your progress towards retirement at any time!

Seasonal Subjects
We Are Past the Halfway Point for 2017
Are You on Track to Meet Your Yearly Goals?
Despite the hot weather, has it felt like it was just yesterday when we were discussing annual goal setting and New Year's resolutions? Now that we are past the halfway point of the year it's the perfect time to evaluate your progress to ensure you are still on target to accomplish your 2017 goals. 

View the full article for 3 Tips to Meet Your Annual Goals!

Summer Driving
Cool Tips for a Safe Summer Trip

Of the many great things about summertime, few match the fun of a family road trip. Before you hook up that new boat or camper, or hit the road with your family or friends, take the time to review these summer travel safety tips. Prevention and planning may take a little time up front, but will spare you from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown-or worse yet, a highway crash-later.

Before You Go
  • Get Your Car Serviced
  • Check for Recalls
  • Go Over Your Vehicle Safety Checklist
    • Tires
    • Lights
    • Cooling System
    • Fluid Levels
    • Belts and Hoses
    • Wiper Blades
    • Floor Mats
  • Pack an Emergency Roadside Kid
Safety First
  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
  • Protect the Children
On the Road
  • Stay Alert
  • Share the Road
  • Avoid Risky Behaviors
    • Distracted Driving
    • Impaired Driving
    • Speeding
For more information, view the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Summer Driving Tips 2017 publication. 
Beware of the 100 Deadliest Days on the Road 

Did you know that the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the deadliest time for teen crashes on our roadways? While all drivers should be aware of this flux and make a conscious effort to drive defensively. Parents and friends can take it a step further. Help keep new teen drivers safe with the tips and resources on the Drive it Home site.
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