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 Realities and Absurdities of Religion       
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The One Reality all religions share is that there is a God-a Supreme Being. Beyond that one commonly shared view, it's downhill into absurdities.

The main absurdity with which most people are familiar is the clerical manipulation that "ours is the only religion." As this is an earth-plane dimension that, for the most part, attracts souls with limited spiritual awareness, promoting this concept is easy for souls looking and needing spiritual assurance and desperate for hope. Under this banner of "ours is the only religion," prejudices have been formed and wars have been fought-not to perpetuate the Will of God, but rather for the power of clerical manipulators.

The Reality is that there are many different levels of spiritual awareness by souls who have, throughout history, incarnated onto this planet. As such, the Superconsciouness that a person would attribute to God, would of course know that souls would need something they can relate to at a level that they can respond to.  
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Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Book: Mystical Insights, Knowing the Unknown - Pgs. 196-198.


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When it comes to health and healing, indeed Silence is Golden, for it is the Sacred Silence of Universal God-Presence working to maintain or restore the health of one's body.

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Absolute Oneness is the Absolute Relationship.  In such Oneness there is no isolation or apartness. Identity is not so concerned about being loved as it is with loving.

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