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The digital mortgage transformation is rapidly expanding beyond the initial loan application. As lenders try to keep pace with this ever-evolving landscape, they face a flurry of decisions about how to optimize processes and where to prioritize their innovation resources.

In two of the most important milestones in the digital mortgage roadmap, the appraisal and final closing, lenders have an opportunity to both empower consumers and deliver an experience that drives repeat and referral business, according to the results of a recent Javelin study, sponsored by ServiceLink.

Join Javelin’s Austin Kilgore, ServiceLink’s Dave Howard and nbkc’s Jaylene O’Brien for an overview of key findings and data from this study, as well as an in-depth discussion on the strategies lenders need to offer the seamless digital experience that borrowers have come to expect. When you register, you’ll have access to two original white papers created in partnership with Javelin Research Group: “Modernizing Appraisal Management Practices” and “Extending the Digital Mortgage Experience to the Closing Table.”

Payments are rapidly evolving, with large scale industry changes like the The Clearing House RTP network® moving closer to its goal of ubiquity, or Nacha rule changes impacting the same-day ACH model, and payments getting faster. However, many credit unions have historically had a decentralized approach to payments, so taking advantage of these changes has proven to be elusive to date—until now.
In this educational webinar presented by NACUSO on December 15, at 2:00 p.m. ET, Keith Gray, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for The Clearing House and Mark Ranta, Payments Practice Lead for Alacriti will discuss:
  • The latest updates on real-time payments and common misconceptions about real-time payments
  • The market reality and demand for real-time payments in 2020, and what 2021 will bring
  • An update on the credit union market’s real-time payments adoption
  • Specific use cases for real-time payments improving service for members and why it makes such a huge difference
  • Recommendations on how credit unions can move forward to a 24x7x365 operating model
  • An explanation of the process to get on board so your credit union can bring real-time, innovative services to your members
Mark Rantam, CTP
Payments Practice Lead
Keith Gray
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
The Clearing House