November 2016

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Next LifeInspired: 
-- Gratitude, For Real  --

We're supposed to be thankful, hospitable and full of good cheer right now.  But genuine, heartfelt gratitude 
can be elusive, especially if we're 
worn out or living with  worry, 
loss or disappointment.
Take a little break and join me at Inspire Yoga Studio on  Thursday, Nov. 17th 
at 5pm   in Highland Village and Thursday, Dec 1st at 4pm  in Denton 
for a free group coaching session. 
We'll learn to build some true thankfulness and uncover joy 
for your life as it is  RIGHT NOW, 
warts and all.

My group sessions last about 45 
 minutes, and you don't have to talk
This is your time for quiet introspection.
 I'll bring the notes, and we  always 
have a good time. 
Join us and bring a friend!

Highland Village studio
1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077

Denton studio
321 W. Hickory, Suite 104
Denton, TX 76201

Best Personal Coaching Service 2016

What a tangled, angry mess this last month has been. I'm ready for a break from it all, surely you are too. 

If you're feeling woeful over current events, please consider taking a minute to focus on what you do love and appreciate in/about your daily life as it is right now. Maybe tell someone around you about your good fortune, your blessings, and ask about theirs. Buy them a coffee, shake off this bitter chill together for a while and enjoy their good company. Ahhh.

I am grateful for you, reader. Happy Thanksgiving!
- Penny
Really and Truly
To help us slide into the right mindset for this impending holiday season (like, it's happening NOW), I asked several people this question about gratitude. 

"What's something - right now, today, even in this little minute - that you're deeply grateful for?"  Here are some of the responses. 

"I am endlessly  grateful for my mother. She taught me to laugh with my whole body, to feel the sun on my palms, to find emotional resilience within myself, and to unconditionally love the people around me. She taught me to allow myself to be childlike in both playfulness and everyday fascination, while simultaneously showing me when it was necessary 'to put my big girl britches on and deal with it'. My mother shows me endless strength and infinite compassion everyday. She is what I see when I look inside of myself. For all that I am and all that I will ever be, I'm grateful for my mother.
Loren Ondracek, recent college graduate and employee at The Dallas Zoo. (She feeds the hippos!)

"In this moment, I am thankful to have my windows open and a cool breeze traveling through my home filling it with fresh air. I hear birds chirping, the hum of cars passing, and even something I often find frustrating - construction - yet all of these are reminders that there is life happening all around me!"
- Nancy Nelson,  yogi & seeker of simplicity

"I'm grateful for my amazing husband and his mastery of balancing masculine and feminine. He who makes me bacon and eggs before work. Who protects me with his strength, and humbles me with free-flowing sentimental tears. He who writes love notes and sends flowers, and practices patience with pets and teens. Who who at 57 has a body most 25-year-olds would envy. The one who joyfully eats a rib-eye, drinks red wine and eats carrot cake, then gets up faithfully at 5am to kick it in the gym. He who excels at managing others in a challenging field, yet ensures he takes all his vacation days to explore the world at my side. The sexy man who drives a truck, loves to shoot a gun, and practices transcendental meditation. This man is my hero."  
- Rebecca Conner, 46-year-old banker, mom and newlywed. (Congratulations, Rebecca!)

"I am really grateful for the people that I come into contact with on a regular basis; the people that make my life make sense; the people that continue to show me that life is much more than the noise we are surrounded by. Life is about loving, sharing, and living it to the best of my ability."
- Tatiana Romero, "NEW mommy, NEW beginnings"

See? We humans aren't terrible all the time. ;) 

If you're about to go from the daily grind of work to weeks with a houseful of company, if you're planning a cross-country with a carload of kids and pets, or are unexpectedly alone over the holidays -- whatever your circumstance, I hope you'll attend my next LifeInspired session (see sidebar). 

We'll prep our hearts and minds for the season, define genuine reasons to be thankful, and learn to amplify that joy enough to last through New Years. I hope to see you there. 
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