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It's Friday! Have you downloaded our e-Gift this month? It is a powerful and liberating message titled:  "Dealing with Debt and Breaking the Stronghold of Pharaoh over Your Life."   (Download link below).
Colossians 1:13 says you have been delivered from the domain of darkness ...  

That word "domain" speaks of ECONOMY. God's heart for you is to move from the limited economy of man to the unlimited potential of the ECONOMY OF GOD! 

When you stand up in and engage with the ECONOMY OF GOD your money will begin to do BACK FLIPS over all debt and financial challenge in your life. Are your ready for what this will bring in your life? This month's download is here and it will supercharge your life in the area of supply and increase and is our gift to you for being a part and a supporter of Father's Heart Ministry. Here is the link: 
Free Download: Dealing with Debt and 
Breaking the Spirit of Pharaoh
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We delight in Giving Day is to give something to you each week. Then we open a revelatory portal to bring financial increase and blessing in your life in the moment. As I was praying this morning the Lord led me to Psalm 96:8:
[Psa 96:8 KJV] 8 Give unto the LORD the glory [due unto] his name: bring an offering, and come into his courts.
Did you know that God calls your money "GLORY?" When you give you glory.

When You Give Into the Glory:
You Reap Greater Glory!

Give into the glory right now. When you give into the glory you activate the law of reciprocity that God gave man dominion over in the beginning. Seed time and harvest move heaven and earth to bring increase into your life when you give. Your money is your glory God's glory is to respond to bring increase, debt liquidation and surplus in your life. When Laban's sons were jealous of Jacob's prosperity in Gen. 31:1 they complained about Jacob's wealth calling it glory. This is the first mention of glory in the scriptures identifying glory with increase, wealth and prosperity. When Joseph told his brothers to bring his father to see him in Egypt (Gen. 45:13) he instructed them to tell Jacob of the glory (money and wealth) that he had amassed as the viceroy of Egypt.
Are you read for promotion and increase? Then give into the glory today. When you give into the glory you reap the glory because as far as God is concerned your money is your glory. When you give YOUR GLORY you reap HIS GLORY. Are you ready? Then use the following link to make your donation. Do it now. Your haste to give established God's haste to give back to you in blessing, increase and promotion:
Sow into your financial blessing.
Sow into your deliverance from the loneliness that has plagued your life.
Sow into complete and total healing for yourself or your loved one.
Sow into career advancement and promotion.

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