July 1, 2021
To the Pace Community:
At our meeting on June 23, the Pace University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reappoint Marvin Krislov for another term as president.
We are grateful for the hard work of the Presidential Evaluation Committee, co-chaired by Dean Harriet Feldman and Professor Lucille Ferrara. We also acknowledge and appreciate the contributions to the effort of so many throughout our community. The committee’s report to the Board of Trustees provided a fair and thoughtful review of President Krislov’s tenure, which informed our decision. It indicated areas of performance strength, as well as opportunities and areas for improvement. The Board welcomed that feedback, and, together with President Krislov and other University leaders, we are building strategies to address those opportunities.
President Krislov has led Pace through a tumultuous, transformative period. Since he arrived in the summer of 2017, we have moved ahead with our Master Plan modernization and expanded its scope by developing plans for 15 Beekman. We passed our Middle States evaluation with flying colors and then started the process that led to our new Strategic Plan, “Pace Forward.” We strengthened student support service, made progress in improving retention and graduation rates, and worked to build a stronger financial foundation. 
And then we faced an unprecedented and profoundly challenging pandemic and economic contraction, which we ultimately surmounted successfully. 
With our powerful new “Pace Forward” plan, developed over many months of collaboration among faculty, staff, students, and administration, we are now well positioned to thrive as we move into the future.
Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to Pace, and for your participation in this process. We look forward to continuing to work together as we implement the “Pace Forward” plan, and we are very pleased that we’ll do so with Marvin leading the way.
Robert Sands '84
Pace University Board of Trustees
Mark M. Besca '81
Chairman Emeritus
Pace University Board of Trustees
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