7,557 air miles, 1,949 bus kms, 1,311 car kms, 1736 UHaul kms, thousands of memorable handshakes, hugs and smiles on The Huron Carole - our journey from The Rock to Vancouver Island and 17 points in between. Good training ground for one of our crew members' daughters who might be the next technical whiz or songstress.  

This will be the year we remember our unscheduled stop in Virden, MB when Highway 1 closed on December 6 due to winter storms. Impromptu concert for evacuees and iPhone footage raced through social media channels within hours. CBC captured this on video. The Brandon show was rescheduled for December 20. 

Thanks to all of you who supported the tour by buying tickets, donating time/resources, and sponsoring our 29th year of raising funds for Canada's vulnerable. 

Congratulations to Christine Johnston and Cheryl Arnouse who won the final draws for a hardcover copy of "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times".

"364" is also available in select Chapters/Indigo locations. The digital app is now available on Amazon or iTunes for $2.79! Audio background included with this version.

Or, order it online through our web site and I'll autograph it.
Proceeds from all sales benefit the Canadian Red Cross.  

This is the season of reflection and committing to new personal visions. When you make it about someone else, the promise to honour your goal gets easier. Our family motto is 'we save lives'. What's yours?  

Immense love and gratitude from the community of Lac La Ronge as fellow musician Tom McKillip (pictured here) and I traveled there to do a concert on December 18. Thanks to the team at Transwest Air and the Canadian Red Cross for helping us get there and back. Shout out to Chief Tammy Cook-Searson and her husband Jim for the Starblanket and the bags of blueberries and cranberries harvested from the land. Expressions of love come in many forms. Be ready for it. 



My book "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times" - Order the hardcover version online now.

Ballads Not Bullets and 'Twas In the Moon of Wintertime can be found on iTunes and Amazon.
"Put a worth on goals that are greater than the things you treasure."
Day 4 from "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times"  
peace.....tom j.

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