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As your business continues to react and respond to the impact of COVID-19, remember we are here for you. If you find yourself wondering how your drug-free workplace policy and program fits in, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you creatively think through the details. 
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Social media post: Reasonable Suspicion?

Laura, a new Program Administrator, received a screenshot of a social media post made by an employee who was off the job awaiting results from a reasonable suspicion drug test. The employee's post shared she was going for a work drug test but wasn’t worried because she had a friend’s child’s urine to substitute for her own. The date of the post matched the date the employee was sent for the test. Laura wanted to know if she should terminate the employee based on this tip.

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Prevention & Recovery Resources in Light of COVID-19
People are having a tough time right now. Whether your employees are struggling with substance use disorder, working to maintain to their recovery or trying to make healthy decisions to prevent problems from developing, its important to make sure your employees know they aren't alone.

We wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the resources out there. Please be proactive to share these with your employees. And, if you have an employee assistance program (EAP), make sure to remind your employees about those available resources.
Recovery Resources

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Director Lori Criss shared tips to manage stress and recovery (15:51 - 28:05) during a press conference with Gov. Mike DeWine.

Put together by the state of Ohio, this site has a variety of useful sites offering help and information, including links to recovery support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous online meetings.
Prevention Resources

This website, created by the National Institute of Health, features numerous quizzes and tools to help visitors examine their drinking behavior, learn how many measured drinks are in their favorite cocktail and much more.

Having unused prescription medication around the house can open the door for that medication to be misused. While the Drug Enforcement Administration's Annual Take Back Day is on hold during the pandemic, they are encouraging people to take steps to prevent prescription drug misuse.
Upcoming DFSP Deadlines

Private Sector Enrollees

To support businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation extended the annual report deadline for the July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 policy year.

(Need help with your Annual Report? Check out this  video for some tips .)

Check out BWC's Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding this extension and other COVID-19 related changes.

Upcoming Classes

Employee Education:
Supervisor Training:

  Boost Camp:

OnDemand 24/7 courses  for employees & supervisors are always available

CEUs through HRCI, OCILB and SHRM available for select courses.
Sorting Out the Confusion Around CBD
Marijuana, hemp, CBD, THC ... confused? You're not alone.

Our new OnDemand 24/7 course: Sorting Out the Confusion Around CBD can help give you and your employees clarity on this topic.

This 22-minute course, created for businesses and employees nationwide, will arm viewers with a baseline understanding of CBD from which to discuss its impact on employees and their jobs as well as to approach any policy and operational changes (as needed).

¿Habla Español?

On-going employee education about alcohol and other drug issues is important.

To help you provide information to Spanish-speaking employees in their native language, we have compiled a library of Spanish articles and resources on topics about alcohol and other drugs including information on prevention, misuse and treatment.

(we also included English versions of the resources)