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Randy Welch is a completely new person, inside and out!  He joined a Corporate Fit Challenge and has gone on to lose 50 pounds in less than a year!  And even more exciting, his blood pressure and cholesterol have returned to normal.  Mark your calendars or set your DVRs when "60 Second Inspirations" returns in June.  Randy's amazing story will kick us off!  It will air during the WBKB 6pm news.

Does a fellow BAC member inspire you? Nominate them to be our next story by emailing

The blankets are flying out of BAC--and we love it!  So many members earned their 100th check in prize since our last newsletter and special shout out to Gretchen Kruse who is the second person to hit that 200th check in mark! She earned the sideline chair.

Here's the quick 411 on BAC Rewards: we want to reward YOU, our members, for making fitness a priority year round.  Members who get at least 100 check-ins during 2018 will receive a red BAC sweatshirt blanket: perfect for picnics, sporting events or snuggling on the couch.  Members who get at least 200 check-ins during 2018 will get the blanket and the sideline chair! comes with a carrying case too!  

No strings attached, just more BAC SWAG and incentive for you, our valued members.
Community Outreach
THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Sweat for a Cause workout to benefit Friends Together. A grand total of $135 was raised! That will stay in our community to help those living with cancer. Our next Sweat for a Cause happens Friday, June 8th and will benefit the Shipwreck Alley Roller Derby team. Meet at Bay Urban Fitness at 5:30pm. Also, plan ahead for a special Sweat for a Cause 4th of July workout to benefit the Maritime festival!

If you would like BAC to help with your community event or field trip use this form to apply.
WE ARE FIRED UP to be offering training for Alpena High School athletes this summer. Stay in great shape during the off season, get stronger, faster and stay injury free during your next season. Bay Urban is a safe, inspiring and motivating environment for youth athletes.

The workouts are led by certified personal trainers and Wildcat supporters, Rick Houchin and Lindsey Bartz. They start on Friday, June 15th. Only $2 for members and $4 for non members. Pick up your punch card now at the front desk.Questions? Contact 
Beachbody at BAC

We LOVE seeing you at the Club. We KNOW that the energy, variety of workouts and accountability we offer at BAC changes lives. Hands down. 

We know you are also looking for ways to stay active when you are not at the club. You love to run, bike and hike! You can also enjoy a quick workout at home or on-the-go with our friends at Beachbody.

Owner Trina Gray loves teaching and taking classes at BAC. She also uses Beachbody on Demand (an on-line workout library) when she's traveling! Recently, she did PiYo workouts over Memorial Day weekend when she was visiting family in Wisconsin. Workout with no boundaries. Be fit  anywhere, anytime! 
With BOD, you get hundreds of workouts, unlimited for a year. You can workout with your smart phone, iPad, laptop or smart TV.  On the road or at home? This works.   

Questions about getting BOD All Access through BAC? You can get it solo or packaged with a month of Shakeology ON SALE, including a FREE Shaker Cup and food plan! 

Check out link above to go directly to the BAC Beachbody amount or simply REPLY to this email and we will get you set up. 

Shakeology of the Month
It tastes like dessert, but acts like a vitamin!

Why Shakeology?
We all struggle with food prep and getting all the nutrients we need in life every day. Shakeology solves both of those problems.  It literally fills the gaps in our daily nutrition. We still advocate eating clean, colorful, whole foods for your daily meals. Shakeology is a multivitamin in a meal.

It is quick, convenient and filled with vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and protein. It is NOT a diet shake or a quick fix. It is whole food nutrition. 

Need Shakeology at home for YOUR family? FREE shaker cup with purchase! 

You can order a supply for home at:

from Kelly Lake
Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Savoy Slaw
All of these ingredients go so well together that you can make them all part of the taco, mix and match, or choose one ingredient only and eat the rest on the side. It's a very family friendly approach to taco night.
1 lb. of raw shrimp, peeled and de-veined
1 TBSP oil
Juice of 1 lemon, divided
¼ cup Uncle Bob's Sauce
½ head of savoy cabbage
1 TBSP ground Herb de Provence
1 TBSP red pepper flakes
1 tsp. pink Himalayan salt
3 TBSP chopped chives
4 Peeled corn on the cob
1 can black beans, drained very well
1 tsp. oil
6 cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 tsp. ground cumin
8 corn tortillas
4 ears of sweet corn
Special equipment needed: 3 large grill skewers and a grill

In a bowl, mix the raw shrimp, oil, 1 TBSP of the lemon juice together. Thread the shrimp onto skewers and set aside. Heat your grill to medium high heat, add the peeled corn on the cob and rotate frequently to avoid burning. Cook for about 15 minutes, then add the shrimp to the grill. Turn after about 2 minutes and cook for another 2 minutes on the other side. Coat the cooked side of the shrimp with a swipe of Uncle Bob's sauce (a vinegar and tomato sauce with spices that is a mix between BBQ sauce and a St. Louis BBQ sauce variety) and remove from grill when shrimp is fully cooked. Set aside.
Meanwhile, while the corn is cooking, slice ½ a head of Savoy cabbage (discarding the tough white core) very thin and add to a large bowl. Toss with the remaining lemon juice, ground herbs, red pepper flakes, chives and salt. Toss well and allow to marinate.

In a small pot, add the drained black beans to the pot. Using a spatula, smash about ½ of the beans while leaving others unscathed. Add the teaspoon of oil, tomatoes and cumin and mix well. Heat over low heat until the mixture is steaming, but the tomatoes still have some body.

Heat your corn tortillas is a heavy pan and then assemble your amazing meal! Try combinations of black beans topped with shrimp and slaw or just shrimp and slaw or just beans and slaw, you get the idea! Have fun. Serves four (two tortillas and 1 corn per person).
Trina Gray, Bay Athletic Club
June 2018
Fitness gives hope, healing & health to anyone who wants it. 

Every week at BAC, we celebrate people.  We celebrate people who are first joining us, who are hitting their first milestone, or who are celebrating a huge accomplishment. 

We celebrate those who have failed before and want a fresh start. 
We celebrate those who want to take control of their health. 
We celebrate those who want to stop worrying and find a healthy release. 
We celebrate those who have found friends, classes and community. 
We celebrate those who have reduced medication and found peace of mind.  
We celebrate those who are working out instead of hanging out with trouble. 
We celebrate those who are going into retirement with goals for adventure. 
We celebrate those who are getting leaner, faster and stronger.  
We celebrate those who have taken the brave step toward a fit life. 
Yes, all of that. 

BAC managers celebrating another day of changing lives.  
B AC  has been in my heart, soul and head for more than 12  years. I live it and breathe it and love watching it grow into a crusade far beyond my earliest vision. Our team is world class. Our members transform their lives. It's magical. It deserves celebration. 

The more I spend time at BAC and Bay Urban, the more solid I become in our mission to create a happier and healthier community. It doesn't take much to look around and find negativity and poor health. It's everywhere -- from workplaces to headlines to sidelines to homes. But people who make fitness a priority in their life and are surrounded by positivity will pay it forward.

When I think about BAC, I think about how fitness is for everyone. Everyone. No matter your shape, size, age, background, athletic abilities or peer group. 

YOU decide to be fit. YOU get to join in. NO permission needed. That is what I REALLY love.  Fitness gives hope, gives healing and gives health to ANYONE who wants it. 

Go get it. You deserve it.  

PS - There are so many fun ways to stay in shape with BAC this summer. From Yoga on the Beach, to indoor cycle, to boot camps outside to just sticking with your routine. Fitness doesn't take the summer off. Golfing, gardening, camping and fishing... those are GREAT! But don't forget to make time to workout. 

Trina Gray
Owner, Bay Athletic Club 
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  • CAMP STARTED LAST NIGHT!  Want to jump in last two days? You can!       
    Click for Action!

    Tuesday, May 29th to Thursday, May 31st
  • Coaches Trina, Rick and Dorothy love to bring you the ACTION and FUN!
  • Featuring Combat HIITS + Combat Strength + Combat Circuit workouts
  • Meets at 6:30pm at Bay Urban Fitness in downtown Alpena.
  • All levels! Low impact, high energy workout for maximum BURN. 
  • Cost is $25 for members/$35 for non-members. 
  • Sign up today by calling 989.356.5600 or emailing

  • We are incredibly excited to be offering an Yoga camp focused on taking your practice a little further.
    Click to Watch!
  • This 3-day camp will challenge your strength, balance and flexibility with Yoga flows that are dynamic and athletic.  
  • Think Power Yoga at its best in a world-class environment. You will leave feeling taller, leaner, stronger and sweaty.  Some yoga experience recommended. 
  • Kicks off Monday, June 4th at 7:30am.  The other two days of camp are Wednesday and Thursday also at 7:30am.
  • The cost is just $25 for BAC members and $35 for non members.
  • Sign up today by calling 989.356.5600 or emailing

  • LADIES--get ready to indulge yourself.  This theme will give you great ideas for treating yourself that doesn't involve ice cream.
  • Monday, May 18th to Tuesday, July 3rd
  • Meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11am (evening Beauty back in the fall) in the BAC studio. On site childcare available.
  • Taught by Beauty coaches Trina Gray, Tracie Granata, Sarah Morrison, Amy Schultz & Cindy Limback.  
  • Get ready for total body strength training workouts that challenge your endurance, muscles and mind.  This camp has been known to transform women in our community.  Inside and out.
  • Enjoy five complimentary nutrient-dense shakeologys of your choice (a $30+ added value)!
  • You will receive tons of attention, instruction and positive support in this camp, making it perfect for women intimidated by a large group setting and/or weight lifting.
  • Cost is $50 for BAC members and $75 for non members.
  • COOL BONUS: as you rack up the Beauty camps you qualify for Beauty swag like a pin, bracelet and even an Under Armour Body Beauty jacket!  All first time Beauties get a tank top or t-shirt at the end of camp.
  • Sign up today by calling 989.356.5600 or emailing
  • Take your fitness into the great outdoors with our popular Outdoor Adventure Boot Camp!
  • Fun, camaraderie and results guaranteed in this program that will have you traveling around town and flying through workouts.
  • Kicks off Monday, June 18th, choose from 6am or 6:30pm.
  • Meets all weekdays except Friday and ends on Thursday, June 28th.
  • Space is limited and sign ups have already began, so act now!
  • Cost is $50 for BAC members and $75 for non members.
  • Sign up today by calling 989.356.5600or emailing
The sun is out so it is finally time to bring back YOGA ON THE BEACH!  We know you love this.  Our first Yoga on the Beach will be on Saturday, June 23rd at Starlite Beach at 8am.  Join instructor Amy Schultz for a great Yoga flow to the sounds of the waves and summer breeze!  Bring a towel or your own Yoga mat.

Ami Lenning is excited to take over the Tuesday 12:15pm express class which is now Body Blast!  She is a veteran BAC Instructor that always delivers a great experience and workout.  This format will give you a great blend of cardio and strength.

Sweat for a Cause is excited to host the Shipwreck Alley Rollers on Friday, June 8th at 5:30pm at Bay Urban Fitness.  Join instructor Rick Houchin for this Urban Mix circuit style workout.  Roller skates not required.  A donation of $5 or more is appreciated.

Amanda Freeland is back in action after having a baby girl this spring.  She is excited to get back into leading classes and take advantage of the club's great Jungle Gym!  Join her on Mondays at 4:15 for Body Blast,  Fridays at 11am for Lift & Shred and the occasional Urban Ride.

Meet our newest instructor Dan Oliver!  He has been working hard over the last few months to complete the BAC mentorship program and is ready to bring you top-notch workouts.  Meet Dan on Thursdays at 5pm in the BAC studio for a 30 minute strength workout!