June 2023
Thriving Construction Team:
Meeting High Demand Driven by Rebate Opportunities
The availability of rebates continues to generate high demand for turf conversion projects across the county, keeping our enhancement division busy. We understand that you may have questions regarding the rebates and the process of pursuing your own turf conversion project. Please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a meeting with our in-house designer.

Our construction team is currently operating at a lead time of 6-8 weeks. If you have allocated funds for any enhancement or irrigation projects this year that have not been proposed, please advise your account manager ASAP!
Snail Damage

Snails and slugs feed on a variety of living plants, and are known to make their appearance every spring.

They create irregular holes with smooth edges on leaves and flowers by scraping with their rasp-like tongues.

We will begin applying granular snail bait where damage is evident. Although snail bait is targeted for the the smallest of creatures, we advise keeping your beloved pets out of the planters for extra precaution.
You've heard of Fire Blight....
But What Exactly is this Detrimental Disease?
Fire Blight is a bacterial disease most commonly known to infect Pear and Loquat trees, Roses, and shrubs including Pyrancantha, Cotoneaster, and Photinia. It is highly contagious and spreads through rain, wind, insects, and pruning tools. Unfortunately there is no cure, but only management strategies including promptly removing infected branches, cleaning pruning tools after use, planting Fire-Blight resistant material, and maintaining good plant health through irrigation.
Look Who's Turning 40!

July 2023 marks PGL’s RUBY anniversary and we want to celebrate with YOU! Beginning in July and running for 12 consecutive months, each monthly PGL eblast will contain a fun contest under the “PGL’s 40th Anniversary Contest” heading.

Every eblast recipient will have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win the prize of the month, which will be announced with each contest. All you have to do is email your contest response to [email protected] and include the subject heading: 40th anniversary contest. All entries will be entered into a monthly raffle and winners will be notified and announced in the subsequent month’s eblast. Enter as many contests as you like!

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