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Rebates for the coming year continue to be strong for homeowners installing a heat pump or thinking about weatherizing their homes.

Generous heat pump rebates are provided from a combination of offers from Efficiency Vermont and your local electrical utility. Burlington Electric customers can get rebates as high as $2,900 and Green Mountain Power customers can get up to $1,650.

Weatherization rebates continue to be very robust with Efficiency Vermont and Vermont Gas customers eligible for rebates of 50% of the improvement costs up to $3,000 dollars.
Energy costs have been one of the main drivers of what’s become the highest inflation rate in a generation. In recent days, the price of a barrel of U.S. benchmark crude oil hit a seven-year high - $87 a barrel, a dizzying jump of about 36% since Dec. 1.

What’s going on? For one thing, the ever-evolving state of the viral pandemic has played havoc with both supply and demand. As a consequence, energy has been gripped by violent price swings. Most analysts say that prospects are dim for any relief soon. Other factors have kept energy prices high. Most urgently, Russia’s buildup of a military presence along the Ukraine border has raised fears of an imminent invasion and a consequential impact on global energy supplies.

There is good news for Co-op members who locked in or capped the price of their heating oil this past summer. They have protected their budgets from this spike in pricing. Many of our members were able to lock in a price of $2.74 per gallon. This has resulted in significant savings as the average price for fuel oil has been $3.08 since September 1st and reached a high of $3.52 per gallon in January.

Where oil prices go from here is not known but members who utilized the Energy Co-op's Price Protection programs this year made a good hedge against rising prices.

Sign up for next year's Price Protection Programs begins again in late spring.
Brian's latest blog dives into a very important (but confusing) issue. What exactly is "electrification" and how does it contribute to a cleaner, greener environment? If you are considering an electric vehicle or a heat pump purchase, this is a must read.
In early January, we launched an update/refresh of our website. You may not notice a dramatic difference, but our goal is to make it easier to find the information you are looking for, contact us quickly and be all-around more user friendly. Our most used feature "Pay Bill/My Account" now has a bright green button at the top of the page. We welcome your feedback!
We are excited to introduce our first official Energy Co-op jingle.
The original music, composed and produced by local Vermont musicians and songwriters Jacob and Ethan Tischler, is a lively addition to our radio and TV commercials. Enjoy!
Since purchasing his Colchester townhome in 2020, Chris Bendel made aesthetic and energy upgrades that are a notable example of how to bring an inefficient 1984 home into the 21st century. It all started with an energy audit.
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