Volume 8, Issue 6 | June 2019
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You, Me, and Spirit

June marks another revolution around the sun for my soul and body, and it's been a rich and wild month!
As my physical health has improved, along with diving deeper into my psyche and soul, I've been expanding and contemplating possibilities regarding my career, home, relationships... ya know, life! And, even though in some areas I've come back full circle - like deciding to stay in my present house for another year - the research and meandering certainly has not been wasted time or effort. Among other things, it has gifted me a greater appreciation of what and who is in my life.
I am most grateful for all that I have, most importantly an increase in the divine spark within. How apropos for this to occur during my birthday month: I feel an emotional-spiritual rearrangement and a rebirth. With that strengthened divine spark, despite my increased chronological age, I am a lot more excited about life  and its endless possibilities than I've been in a while. And, joy has become a more constant companion too.

I know so many folks born in the month of June... If you're a June baby too, have you experienced a month similar to mine? I'd love to hear from you.  
Thanks for being there and sharing The Journey with me...

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Always Home

"When the word "home" is used to describe eternity, there is an almost irresistible temptation to think of life as a journey of return, wheras mystical awakening for me has been like Dorothy's in The Wizard of Oz: the realization that I never really left home and never could. Here too T. S. Eliot has the words for it: "Home is where one starts from.""

- John Wren-Lewis,  The Tao of Now: Daily Wisdom from Mystics, Sages, Poets, and Saints by Josh Barlan (page186)

Questions for God

God, I have some questions for You ...

Do you exist?
What about you ... do you exist?
Of course I do.
Then so do I.

Where are You?
What about you ... where are you?
I am here.
Then so am I.

I cannot see You.
Look in the mirror.
There is only myself.
Then you can see Me.

I cannot hear You.
Listen carefully.
There is only silence.
Then you can hear Me.

Do You love me?
What about you ... do you love yourself?
How can I know? You are Love.
So are you.

Who are You?
What about you ... who are you?
I do not know. I am what I am.
Then you know.

Why do You answer with so many questions?
Why do you ask?
Because you are God.
So are you !

"In the depths of silence you will hear my Voice
in answer to your thousand questions."

Students Earn Their P.E. Credits in a Win-Win Way
Instead of playing basketball or running laps, students at the Alternative Learning Center in Dubuque, Iowa, recently spent the last two weeks of the school year earning their physical education credits in a unique way.

At the end of the year, the school lets students pick from a variety of activities for their P.E. credits. One option is to volunteer to do yard work for an elderly or disabled person.

Teacher Tim Hitzler said this option strengthens the community and teaches students the importance of volunteering. "What they really like is helping people," Hitzler said. "They really like giving back to people and meeting the person." 
General Computer Use/Technology
PowerPoint Alternatives
When you give a presentation, you often want to jazz it up with some visual aids to make it more attractive and to contribute to the audience's understanding of your  message.

You're probably familiar with PowerPoint made by Microsoft® -- and you might love it or... hate it! 

But there are alternatives to PowerPoint and there may be good reason to want to use an alternative. Perhaps you:
  • think the learning curve is too steep
  • can't afford to purchase a copy of PowerPoint, and are looking for free software to create PowerPoint-compatible presentations
  • need to share files across Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile environments
  • are looking for something that's entirely web-based. 
There are numerous free or low-cost alternatives to PowerPoint, including Impress, Prezi, and Google Slides.  Learn more about PowerPoint alternatives.
Email Marketingemailmktg
Best Day and Time for Highest Open Rate

The best time to send an email varies by demographic. Contacts in one industry can have different email behaviors than those in another, so getting your email in front of them when they're most likely to see it will help you improve your open rates.

Your contact list is unique, so you'll want to look at results for your own email open rates. Getting to know the habits of the people on it is a process of trial and error, but every campaign is a learning opportunity. To better target your send time for your contacts you can (1) analyze trends from past email campaigns, and (2) test to see what works.

For the best day of week and time to attain the highest open rate, view a chart of general trends by industry. Don't forget to also look at results for your own email open rates.

No matter what time you send, always set and maintain your contacts' expectations. Let them know how often you will be sending (e.g., weekly, monthly) and stick to the schedule.
Complimentary One-Hour Consult with Your Free Constant Contact Trial hour-free
When you sign up for a free 60-day trial of Constant Contact, let's work together for an hour gratis and start putting your email together, upload your contacts, etc.
  • No credit card required to sign up for your trial!
  • 60 days to explore all the campaign types and features that Constant Contact has to offer.
  • Create as many campaigns as you want.
  • Try out all the different campaign types available - there's more than just email!
Sign up for your free 60-day Constant Contact trial using my partner link  or contact me at 928.301.7292.
Website Design and Development websites
To Be or Not To Be? [or, Do I Really Need A Website?]

Thus far In my tenure of working with small businesses, I've only encountered three folks who truly didn't need a website to promote their business.
One was a retired USPS worker whose business was installing carpeting and tiling. He was already working 10-12 hour days. He was planning to retire from the business in a few years and wasn't going to sell it, just turn it over to his sister (who was already working with him). And, all his new clients came through word-of mouth. I asked him why he wanted a website, and he could only say "Because everyone has told me I do!" I didn't see the point of his having one.
Another person is now my local naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. When she was referred to me, I wanted to learn more about her and her practice before calling for an appointment. I could not find a website, although I am glad to say I found some Yelp! reviews that were somewhat helpful and all glowing. During my first appointment I expressed my frustration at not finding a website and more information about her online. She too has plenty of clients, and is fine with getting additional clients by referral. Boy, am I grateful I got a referral!
Another successful business woman I know does not promote her services externally since she's been organizing events and conferences for years and people refer others to her. In another business, her work is as a team leader, inspiring and helping others build their MLM organization. Need a website? Nope!
Of course, any of these folks ---if they wanted to spend the time, money, and effort-- could use a website to provide educational information. But in doing so, it could easily lead to new business, which at this time, they're not interested in obtaining in this manner or at all.
You can always use a website, but you don't always need one. That said, the overwhelming majority of businesses do need a website so that current and potential customers can determine if you and your business is the right one to suit their needs.
Let's talk if you're not sure. 

Next month I'll discuss whether or not a Facebook page can take the place of a website.

Websites and Coffee WordPress Workshops
These hands-on workshops provide you with direct experience using WordPress, along with learning terminology and best practices, and getting your questions answered. They also empower you to create and maintain your WordPress website, or if you don't want to go that route, to have an intelligent conversation with a web designer (including moi). 

Space is limited to just 4 participants so that you can receive the attention you deserve. 

"Intro to WordPress: First Steps"
$ 49-

July 15, 2019 | Mon | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

July 16, 2019 | Tue | 10:00 AM - Noon

"Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper (Part II)"
$ 49-

July 24, 2019 | Wed | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Workshops take place in Gilbert, AZ
(Val Vista Dr near Baseline Rd)
Contemplation and celebration of July 4th, Independence Day in the USA, brings forth a feeling of increased gratitude and joy. 

Wherever you are, may your spirit soar with a sense of freedom, endless possibilities, and joy.

Namasté -
The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.

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