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Commercial Dock Tax is Cut
$226k bunnies

The Previous Council raised the Dock Taxes in 2012. We approved a tax cut last Tuesday. The council reduced the taxes by almost 40% from the 2012 rate.

The rate had been frozen since 2015 while new appraisals were performed and the tax cut.

Another Campaign Promise Kept

When we were elected in 2014 we ran on a platform of cutting spending, cutting the dock tax and paying down debt. We cut the residential dock tax in 2015 and the mooring fees in 2016 and last Tuesday we cut the commercial dock tax.

"Mulligan" Mike Toerge
Ran against me in 2014
Displaced Councilman
 Keith Curry
Still blames me for his loss in the Assembly in 2014
Environmental Crusader Susan Skinner
Under investigation by the FPPC for laundering 
dark money

The Signature Gatherers are Lying?

I have heard several reports of recallers saying that if you want to "stop high density, high rise development we need to recall Peotter".

Of course they are referring to the Museum House project in Fashion Island that was rescinded.

So Why Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story?

The Planning Commission voted 7-0 to approve it, as it complied with the voter approved General Plan. The City Council voted 6-1 to approve it with the only objection coming from councilman Petros, who admitted that the project complied with the rules, but he wanted to side with the objectors.

$500,000 of Taxpayer Money for a Recall Because They Disagree With Me!-

That's What Elections Are For!

So how does recalling me stop "high rise high density" development that complies with all the rules that the voters set up?

Through intimidation. They hope to make an example of me, to keep me and other council members in line. 

Join the Orange County Republican Party and others in endorsing against the recall!

Senator John Moorlach
Assemblyman Matthew Harper
Assemblyman Travis Allen
Assemblyman Dr. Steven Choi
Supervisor Michelle Steel
Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon
Newport Beach Councilman Duffy Duffield
Newport Beach Councilman Brad Avery
Newport Beach Councilman William O'Neill
Newport Beach Councilwoman Diane Dixon
Orange County Republican Party Chairman Fred Whitaker
Assemblyman Scott Baugh (ret.) & Immediate Past Chairman, OC GOP
Past CAGOP Chairman Michael Schroeder
Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel
Ocean View School Trustee John Briscoe
Orange County Republican Party

Please feel free to email me at

Mail In a Donation
Snail Mail is OK too:
2618 San Miguel Drive, Suite 535
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Thanks for helping.

If You Signed the Recall and Want to Take it Back?

We Included A Form to Rescind your signature if you didn't mean to sign the recall petition.

The Recall Continues
 to gather signatures.

We want to know where they are gathering, so email or text me at
949-250-7118 when you see them.

Also feel free to engage them. When they are talking to you they cannot talk to others. Be nice and be polite.

We still need your help to fight this.

The City Seal is Gone 
(what you see above is a photograph of the seal from the council chambers' wall that used to be in my photo montage banner above)

I have removed images of the Seal from my e-mails in case anyone from Rio Linda might think that this email is an official city correspondence (it's not) rather than a political newsletter, paid for by campaign funds, stating opinions, from an elected official (which is what it is).

Prayer for Our City and Country

The clear division in the country should  drive you to prayer.

We have been praying for our country and our city at Newport Beach City Hall near the Council Chambers every Thursday for over a year now.

We meet at the same time from 12 noon till 12:30 PM every Thursday (rain or shine). 

Come down and join us, for the entire time or for a few minutes, whatever your schedule allows.

City Hall
100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

TEXT "Peotter" to 22828 to sign up for the mailing list

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