Thanksgiving Events Tremendous Successes
Wes's Weekly Wrap Up - Celebrate!
In this edition of Wes's Weekly Wrap Up, Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, believes that, "what you celebrate, you accelerate." He shares what he is "celebrating" this week. What are you celebrating? Please take 54 seconds to watch the video — and share with others.
Recap - LUM Community Thanksgiving Feast
750 Meals | 78 Turkeys | 112 Pies | 100 Volunteers
Despite COVID-19, the LUM Annual Community Thanksgiving Feast persisted and was a success. Many of our neighbors are struggling and need food. It is for this reason that LUM decided to re-imagine the event and make it curbside with meals packaged to go. Rather than open our doors and welcome our neighbors for a community event, LUM volunteers and staff safely greeted our guests outside and provided as many meals as they needed. Even though it was a curbside event it still brought together the entire community. 

The to-go meals included roasted turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing (AKA dressing), bread, bottled water or milk, and a slice of pie. More than 750 meals were distributed — including 78 turkeys and 112 homemade pies. Community Thanksgiving Feast takes over two months of planning, engages more than 100 volunteers and requires approximately $10,000 in donations to make it happen.

Thanks to Jess Avila, who directed the event; and Phil Butera, who headed up the kitchen crew. LUM is especially grateful to Central Presbyterian Church for use of their facilities as well as Indiana State Representative Sheila Klinker for mingling with our guests. A special thanks also to all who donated food and gave financial support. It was a magical community event and a wonderful community Thanksgiving holiday celebration for all. To view the list of all of our Event Sponsors, including monetary donations and donations of needed supplies and food, click HERE. Pictured L to R: Sheila Klinker, Jess Avila, Phil Butera & Wes Tillett, LUM executive director. To view more PHOTOS, click HERE.
Recap - LUM Turkey Trot 5K Run 2020
$15,000 Raised | 105 Runners | 75 Virtual Runners
The Turkey Trot 5K Run was a successful event on Thanksgiving morning raising close to $15,000 for LUM programs including youth programs, the food pantry, assistance programs and the homeless shelter. Due to COVID-19, participants were able to run virtually or live, in person (following strict protocols approved by the Health Department).

The weather on the morning of the run was beautiful. The 2020 Turkey Trot 5K Run engaged 105 live runners and 75 virtual runners; and raised $7,750 in corporate sponsorships. Thank you to all of our participants and donors. To view the list of all of our Event Sponsors, including monetary donations and in-kind gifts, click HERE. To view more PHOTOS, click HERE.
Only Nine Days to Jubilee Christmas 2020
Curbside & Walkthrough Events Only
LUM Jubilee Christmas is only nine days away. This year due to COVID-19, all Jubilee Christmas sites are either curbside or walkthrough events. There will be no "shopping rooms," gift wrapping tables or socializing. All gifts will be pre-packaged and ready for pick up at a pre-assigned time. But Jubilee Christmas is still happening, at a time when it is needed most.

On Saturday, December 12, 30 local churches will host 25 separate events serving 525 local families impacting close to 1,500 local children. If you are participating this year, THANK YOU! If not, venture outside on the 12th and listen carefully, because BELLS will be RINGING across the community for the promise of a joyful Christmas for each family served by Jubilee Christmas 2020.
Neil Klemme Match Program Raises $12,000
LUM was excited to partner again this year with the Neil Klemme State Farm Insurance Agency, a local small business, for the annual November Match Program. Thanks to the generosity of Neil Klemme, State Farm, and all of our November donors the effort raised more than $12,000. This will give LUM a tremendous boost in the effort to support local families and children in our community with food assistance, emergency financial assistance, Christmas assistance, low-cost childcare and more. LUM is fortunate and grateful to have this support from the Neil Klemme State Farm Insurance Agency — and YOU! Please contact Neil Klemme when you get a chance and thank him and his team.