The 2017 AHIP Institute & Exhibition in Austin, TX was a lively event for the Healthcare Executive Group and those of our sponsor partners attending, exhibiting and/or presenting at the event.

HCEG's booth had a lot of traffic and its location directly across from the GuideWell Insights Lounge brought many healthcare leaders and executives to our booth. To be sure, the HCEG-branded fidget spinner handouts were a popular piece of conference swag!
AHIP Sessions & Presentation Materials
Several Healthcare Executive Group sponsor partners presented at the 2017 AHIP Institute & Exhibition.
Change Healthcare presented at two sessions:
   "Why Financial Engagement is the Linchpin for Consumer Engagement"

   "Reinventing Utilization Management: Faster, Smarter, and Automated"
Bill Fox of MarkLogic moderated a panel discussion titled " Operationalize Before You Analyze: Innovation and Growth Powered by Data."  A recap of this panel discussion moderated by our sponsor MarkLogic will be posted on the  HCEG blog   later this week
After-Hours Event a HUGE Success!
The after-hours event at the Moonshine Grill on the evening of Wednesday, June 7th was attended by over 150 AHIP Institute attendees. 

Given that a total of 60 people were expected, it's safe to say the gathering of healthcare executives, leaders and doers was a rousing success!

Thanks to our sponsor partner Softheon for hosting this event for HCEG members and AHIP Institute attendees!
Many of the concurrent sessions at the 2017 AHIP Institute & Exhibition were very interesting and quite informative - expounding on topics among the HCEG Top 10. You can find a number of these presentations  here .

On June 9th, the popular, weekly Health Information Technology Social Media (#HITsm) tweetchat was co-hosted by the Healthcare Executive Group, GuideWell and GuideWell Connect from the 2017 AHIP Institute & Exhibition in Austin, TX.

The theme of the chat was
'Health System & Health Plan Innovation, Change & Growth During Uncertain Times' and over 70 participants tweeted over 650 times to share their insight, ideas and opinions on the following six topics:

T1: What specific 'areas of opportunity' must health plans/systems address to improve health outcomes, lower costs & improve equity?

T2: What must health systems & health plans focus on over next 8 to 18 months regardless of health reform outcome?

T3: Who's most likely to disrupt healthcare: insiders or outsiders? And what barriers do each face - right now or in near future?

T4: What technologies will do the most to move healthcare supply-side toward improving outcomes, lowering costs & enhancing equity?

T5: Incentives drive innovation. How can they be aligned to meaningfully support innovation that improves outcomes & lowers costs?

Bonus: What are examples of innovative healthcare programs, processes, people and organizations - U.S.-based or elsewhere?

A series of blog posts recapping  topics discussed in the #HITsm chat are posted on the HCEG blog here and here. Additional posts summarizing what was discussed on the remaining topics will be posted over the next week. 
As we prepare for the  2017 HCEG Annual Forum  and the development of the 2018 HCEG Top 10, please help validate the  current HCEG Top 10 by  re-ranking in the order you feel is most appropriate. 

All participants supplying their name will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
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