Recap of 3/30 Action Steps
from our office to you

Read E*Blast emails from our office. We are working hard to keep you safe and informed.

Notify your team of temporary layoff TODAY.

However, this is based on your own individual practice needs. Some
of you have told us you are keeping your staff on your payroll.

Instruct team to file for unemployment. Dentists have told us if is virtually impossible to do group unemployment and they have been on hold for hours. So individual unemployment will work faster for your team if it is allowed.

Based on your State, you may be required to file unemployment for employees – see CUAK E*Blast – but again, if you aren’t required, let your staff do it.

Apply for unemployment for you and your spouse.

Apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

The website was changed (multiple times during the past few days).

If you did not receive the 10-digit code, you must reapply. Sorry!

This is the most recent application. It does not require all the
additional documents as listed before. It takes about 15 minutes to

Patiently wait for notification of approval for the EIDL loan and the ten-digit number. Remember one of our mantras is: BE PATIENT!

Provide your accountant (us) with your practice financial information to process (January – March, 2020).

You will need this when applying for the PPP loan.

Drink or garden – whichever works for you! Send us pictures for our contest. We will accept pictures of drinks, too. 😊

Begin gathering information to provide to your SBA approved bank for the PPP loan (still not available for application yet).

See the E*Blast with details for this loan.

Once this loan is approved:

If loan is approved before office is open, discuss with us for the most
beneficial timing of accepting these funds.

Deposit funds in a separate checking account to pay for the allowed
expenses (if you want the loan forgiven).

Continue to stay in contact with your team during the layoff/ furlough to reassure them and keep your spirits and theirs up.

Once you receive notification from the ADA or your State to reopen your practice, set the date to reopen.

Notify your team of the reopen date and the release of their lay off/furlough. Contact your patients (with your team’s help) and get back to work. Yay!

In the meantime – stay safe, stay sane and be patient!