Thursday, May 21, 2020
Good Evening - Another beautiful day and new information!

Recap of last week's C.A.R.Strategic Planning Session "Change or Die" - Members have asked for the slides provided at C.A.R.'s CEO & Treasurer's presentation. Simply Click Here.
NEW INFORMATON JUST POSTED - Meeting the New Requirement for Rules of Entry at a Listed Property & Forms to Meet Requirement As you recall, on May 8, the Department of the Public Health issued its “Industry Guidance: Real Estate Transactions,” which among other things, requires agents to post rules on the property – with pictograms -- that must be agreed to as a condition of entry by all people viewing the property. C.A.R. modified its Best Practices to fulfill the State's requirements for a Plan for Showing. Likewise, the Pictogram has been modified and required to be posted on every listing entry along with the PEAD and will serve as the new showing rules. C.A.R. continues to provide the latest forms and information to get you through this unique time. The FAQs on these new procedures should be released no later than tomorrow morning and will be found on C.A.R.'s website at I will be sure and send you the link as it is posted.

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Kathleen Hinman, RCE, ePRO
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