Update from POE Professional Learning and Communications

In a call with district and school leaders today, State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister fielded questions regarding emergency certification, support staff pay, employees 65 and older, and connectivity. Here’s a quick recap:

Emergency certification:
Information on emergency certificates are on the OSDE website. Here are some links for those working on completing emergency certification requirements and those seeking para-certification:

Employees 65 and older or in a high-risk category:
No one who is 65 and older or in a high-risk category should be asked to be at the school building, even if their job is considered essential. If someone is in either of those groups, an adjustment needs to be made. It is very clear that the governor has given in an executive order that anyone 65 and older or anyone in a high-risk category should not be out in the community and should shelter in place.

Internet service providers:
Regarding connectivity, a list of internet service provides that could help with distance learning plans is available online.

Support staff pay:
The Oklahoma State Department of Education hopes to have a definitive answer on support staff pay by the end of the week. State Superintendent Hofmeister said she is committed to finding a solution, stating legislation has been crafted that could provide authority and the ability to provide for support staff.

With assistance from Sen. Lankford in obtaining a federal waiver, any student can now come and get a meal, free of charge. Please note, a student could go to a closer school to obtain a meal, without being in that school district.

Assurance forms:
Please make sure your distance learning assurance forms are returned before April 6.