The AAM Washington Week of Action

For 7 straight days, dozens of activists from around the country gathered in the nation's capital to advocate for animals. Activists of different backgrounds, experience levels, philosophies, and practices, came together to grow, collaborate, share, and get active for our non-human comrades. Read on to see all they accomplished during the WWoA!


Over the course of 7 days

activists participated in

5 fur protests

5 foie gras protests

3 dairy protests

3 talks and workshops

1 sea life advocacy action

1 rodeo protest

1 community event

1 #MeatOut food giveaway

and liberated 1 life

All of that combined with chalking nightly after events and daily outreach on the metro to and from demos amounts to 23 actions over 7 days.

The Washington Week of Action

began with a community event full of laughing, networking, and good food. We were privileged to have Dr. Alex Hershaft, give a talk on the history of animal rights at the event.

In the days following, the week's actions centered on two pressure campaigns: the LVMH anti-fur campaign, and a local DC campaign urging restaurants Kinship and Métier to drop foie gras.

There were other actions throughout the week such as anti-dairy protests outside the USDA, a sea life advocacy demo at the WHARF, a rodeo protest, various talks and workshops from animal rights figures, and a food giveaway for #MeatOut

“The WWOA [was] my first experience with AAM, but not my first demonstration in over a decade. It was the first time I participated in blocking off entrances to establishments making money from sadistic atrocities! Everyone is so courageous and that courage is absolutely contagious, fortunately, because the Animal's lives depend on us! Remember it’s not “We” when referring to those causing harm to others it’s “Them”!”

~WWoA attendee

Missed your chance to attend?

No worries there! AAM has at least two more in-person events happening around the USA in 2023.

  • Colorado Convergence (June 23rd-July1st)
  • Portland Convergence (Aug 4th - Aug 12th)

Stay up to date with us through social media for alerts of other upcoming convergences.

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