October 2022

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7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium

One of STA’s top priorities is to advocate for those who have historically lacked a voice in the financial services industry, and at our 7th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium, held earlier this month in conjunction with this year's STA Market Structure Conference in Washington DC, more than 110 Symposium attendees were reminded of the challenges, progress and unique opportunities that women face in this sector.

On the stage to facilitate that understanding was keynote Erin Gibbs, Chief Investment Officer, Main Street Asset Management. In an interview moderated by STA WIF Co-Chair Inessa Ruffman, Managing Director at JonesTrading Institutional Services, Ms. Gibbs shared her views on topics ranging from networking to working from home to building a personal brand.

Ms. Gibbs shared stories from her career and reflected on the industry evolution she has witnessed in terms of inclusivity. While the conversation was wide-ranging, it all went back to one fundamental idea: as far as our industry has come, there is still work to be done in building diverse workplaces where all perspectives can be heard.

See below for highlights from the event. On behalf of the entire STA WIF Committee, we hope to see you next year!

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