Desert Jewel Institute
May, 2016

Honing in on our highest guidance takes practice. How can we be certain it is our highest guidance? How do we know it isn't our own mind responding? It can take years of practice. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if people learn more quickly today because this is a new time period when spiritual growth comes quicker and so many people coming in are ascended masters.
The more we still our minds the more we can hear. The more we practice; we more easily discern the difference between higher guidance and mind chatter. The more we ask and pay attention the more we are guided. We can clear and open our chakras to better hear and know.
Source, Creator, God, the Universe, whatever you choose to call it, has your back. Our well- being, our growth and our remembering who we really are all part of why we are here and why we are supported in all good things.
How to:
  • Simply sit for meditation ask a question
  • wait for an answer
  • check in as needed
  • ask for clarification
  • Or outside of meditation
  • muscle test what is for your highest and best
  • ask and wait for a sign
  • Some people see pictures, some hear an answer, some just know.
  • Disregard messages that feel urgent that isn't the way of the highest guides. Most messages are fairly succinct.
  • Surround oneself in white light, clear lower vibrational entities and thought forms from your space.
  • Raise your own vibrations by cleaning up your diet, reduce alcohol consumption, decrease the intake of meats, get out into nature and focus on the positive i.e. make gratitude lists in your head or on paper.
If you would like to schedule a session, I will walk you through a guided meditation then help you practice hearing and knowing. 
Or if you live in Arizona join me :
Each week we will:
  • Meditate together
  • Learn to ask, listen and discern and raise our vibrations
  • Discuss our experiences
  • Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • 6 weeks, May 31 - July 5              
  • 18635 N. 43rd Pl. Phoenix 85050
  • Limited to 7 participants
  • Contact Lynne 602-569-6078 to sign up
Cost: $20 each week/$100 in advance
Yours in Oneness...

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Desert Jewel Institute