Recent Arrivals

We acquire equipment on a daily basis, and we will keep you updated on our recent arrivals every few weeks. Click on the links below to view full details and photos on items of interest. If you have any current or future equipment needs, please send us your list today.

C743010  Cartoner, Horizontal, EconoCorp, Econoseal Spartan, Mdl 8942
S742968 CIP, 1-Tank, 125 Gallon, S/st, Stork, Pump,
C742951 Compressor, Air, 40 HP, Kaeser, Mdl BSD 40, 193 CFM
S742992 Conveyor, Belt, 39 x 50, S/st, Innotech
S742996 Conveyor, Belt, 36 x 148, S/st, Innotech, VFD, Inspection
S743023 Conveyor, Screw, 8 x 53, S/st, Incline, Hopper
S742947 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl M, Strip Cutter, Meat,
A742912 Dryer, Apron, 9'10 x 92', S/St, National
A742962 Evaporator, Juice, Entropie, Mdl MTA100, Wine, 100 Liters/Hr
C742811 Filter, Belt, Vac, 3-1/2' X 30', 316L S/st, Eimco
S742980 Filter, P&F, 16 X 16, PPL, 60 Plates, Padovan,
S742964 Filter, Pressure, S/st, Filtrox, FILTROstar 1500, Beer, DE
C743009 Former, Dough, Potsticker, Anko, Mdl AFD-888, 16-Pocket,
C743011 Fryer, Belt, 34 x 20', S/st, Tempco, Mdl DBF-300M
S742985 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 25 SF, S/st, Alfa Laval, Mdl CB76-2DH
S742970 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 193 SF, Alfa Laval, 150 PSI, S/st,
S742969 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 193 SF, Alfa Laval, S/st, 150 PSI,
S742988 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 243 SF, 316 S/st, 150 PSI, FV, Alfa
S742982 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, 88 SF, 316 S/st, FV, 150 PSI
S742989 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, 25 SF, 316 S/St, 150 PSI, FV
S743016 Homogenizer, In Tank, 3 HP, S/st, 4 diameter, 48 long
A742997 Oven, WP, 80 x 48, S/st, 10-Rack, (2) Towers, Automatic
S742936 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, 44 CF, 330 Gallon
S742935 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, 44 CF, Dry Grind
S742938 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, Dry Grind, 330 Gallon
S742937 Mill, Ball, 3'9 x 4', Paul O. Abbe, Dry Grind, 44 CF
S742943 Mill, Ball, 2' x 2'6, Paul O. Abbe, 8 CF, Dry Grind
S742944 Mill, Ball, 1'9 x 2'4, Paul O. Abbe, 5.6 CF, Dry Grind
A743037 Mill, Hammer, 500 HP, Schutte Buffalo, 1800 RPM
A743039 Mill, Hammer, 100 HP, Schutte Buffalo, 3600 RPM
C743013 Mixer, Dough, Spiral, 100 lb, S/st, Kemper
S742983 Mixer, High Shear, 30 HP, 316 S/st, Silverson, Mdl 600LS
C742958 Mixer, Hobart, 80 Quart, S/st, Mdl L800, Dough
C742959 Mixer, Hobart, 30 Quart, S/st, Mdl D330, Dough
S743014 Mixer, Ribbon, 10 CF, S/st, AMFEC, 3 HP
S742986 Pump, Centrif., 30 HP, 316 S/st, Alfa Laval, Mdl LKH40
S743036 Pump, Centrif., 15 HP, 316 S/st, Jensen Sanitary, 3 In
S742987 Pump, Centrif., 15 HP, S/st, 2, Fristam, Mdl FP742-205
S742999 Pump, Centrif., 15 HP, S/st, Hilge, 3.25 In/Out
S743021 Pump, Centrif., 6 HP, S/st, 2 In/4.5 Out, DynaPump
S743015 Pump, Centrif., 5 HP, 316 S/st, 2 In/1.5 Out
S743035 Pump, Centrif., 5 HP, S/st, Ansimag, 1.5 In/1 Out
S743020 Pump, Centrif., 2.2 HP, S/St, 1.75 In/1.5 Out, Fristam
S743019 Pump, Centrif., 1 HP, S/st, 1.5 in/out, Ampco, Mdl AC114
S743003 Pump, Centrif., S/st, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, 6 In/4 Out
S742830 Pump, Centrif., Waukesha, Mdl 2105, 316 S/st, Less drive,
S743000 Pump, Peristaltic, 2 HP, S/st, Verdeflex, Mdl VF 25
S743031 Pump, Vacuum, 15 HP, Liquid Ring, Travaini, 133 CFM
S743028 Pump, Vacuum, 15 HP, Liquid Ring, Travaini, 150 CFM
S743030 Pump, Vacuum, 15 HP, Liquid Ring, Travaini, 2 In/Out
S743032 Pump, Vacuum, 15 HP, Liquid Ring, Travaini, 2-stage
S743027 Pump, Vacuum, 15 HP, Robuschi, Liquid Ring, 2 In/Out
S743029 Pump, Vacuum, 10 HP, Travaini, Liquid Ring, 1.5 In/Out
S743026 Pump, Vacuum, 5.5 HP, Leybold, RUVAC, 4 in/out
S743022 Pump, Vacuum, Liquid Ring, Travaini, 15 HP, 300 CFM
S743005 Refrig, Chiller, Budzar, Mdl LTA-3-SP, Air Cooled
S743034 Refrig, Cooler, Century Refrigeration, Mdl A427-338HG, R-507
S743033 Refrig, Cooler, Century Refrigeration, Mdl FH634-161A, R-507
C742953 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 26 x 12'6, S/st, Kryospray, CO2
C742960 Refrig, Soda Vending Refrigerator, Coca Cola,
S742939 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Dust Cover, Midwestern
S742940 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Midwestern, Dust Cover
S742942 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Double, Top Cover, Midwestern
S742945 Screen, Sweco, 30, S/st, Single, Dust Cover, Midwestern
S742946 Screen, Sweco, 30, S/st, Single, Midwestern, Dust Cover
C743008 Sheeter, Dough, 25 x 25', S/st, Baking Machines
S742990 Tank, 6,500 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Wine Fermentation
S742967 Tank, 5,275 Gallon, S/st, 65.3 PSI, Aseptic, Stork,
S742934 Tank, 1,800 Gallon, S/st, 80 PSI, Optimum Filter,
S742981 Tank, 1,000 Gallon, S/st, Agit, 3 HP, Mueller, 50 PSI,
S743024 Tank, 625 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit
S742975 Tank, 350 Gallon, S/st, Agit, FT/CB, CIP
S743025 Tank, 75 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit, 27.5 x 28
S743001 Tank, 60 Gallon, PET, Agit, 1/4 HP, FT/FB, Tank #1
S743002 Tank, 60 Gallon, PET, Agit, FT/FB, 1/4 HP, Tank #2
S742995 Washer, Belt, 42 x 100, S/st, Innotech, 2-Zone
S742994 Washer, Brush Cleaner, S/st, Innotech
S742993 Washer, Stone Trap, 42 x 30, S/st, Innotech

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