Recent Arrivals

We acquire equipment on a daily basis, and we will keep you updated on our recent arrivals every few weeks. Click on the links below to view full details and photos on items of interest. If you have any current or future equipment needs, please send us your list today.

A742106 Blow Molder, Eceng, Plastic Bottles, 1000 Bottles/hr,
A742107 Blow Molder, Moretech, Plastic Bottles, 1800 Bottles/hr,
S742126 Blower, 10 HP, Centrifugal, Spencer, 10 dia Inlet/Outlet
S742145 Capper, Pack West, Centurion 120, Torquer, Sorter
S742167 Caser, Erector, Box Transport, Eastey, Mdl VCTS-STD
A742114 Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SAOOM 3016, S/st,
S742171 Coater, Perfect Choco, Mdl ENRO-6, .5
S742166 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 25', S/st, (2) 90 Degree Turns,
S742143 Counter, Pill, Kalish, Type SPC ANC8-16
S742140 Counter, Pill, Kalish, Type SPC 12P-3
S742183 Counter, Pill, Tablet, King, Mdl TB4, S/st, (2)
A742136 Dryer, Rotary, 3' X 20', C/st, CWMF, Burner,
S742178 Evaporator, Condensor, Buchi, Coil Only, Glass, 4 x 22
S742175 Evaporator, Flask Only, 10 Liter, Kontes,
S742156 Evaporator, Flask Only, Buchi, 20 Liter, Rotovapor, (5)
A742165 Filler, Pouch, Karlville, Spoutpro, 70 PPM,
S742182 Filter, Housing, S/st, 6-3/8 x 31, Millipore, (3)
S742181 Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 3-3/4 x 7, Sartoruis, (2)
S742170 Grinder, Roller, Gump, Mdl 88, C/st,
S742161 Heat Exchanger, Condenser, 4 x 24, QVF
S742160 Heat Exchanger, Condenser, 6 x 34, QVF
S742164 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, Cylindrical, Karbate, 31 Tubes
S742152 Labeler, Label Inspection, Optel Vision, Mdl OP 300
S742142 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, LSI, Mdl 1500, Wrap Around,
S742151 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, LSI, Mdl 3990, Wrap Around,
S742146 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Newman, Mdl NV2, Wrap Around,
S742125 Mill, Attritor, Mdl Q2, S/st, Jkt, 5 HP, Szegvari,
S742185 Motor, 20 HP, US Electric, 1765 RPM, Inline,
S742173 Motor, 25 HP, US Electric, 220/440V, 1765 RPM, Inline,
C742119 Oven, Blue M, 48 x 24 x 36, 704 deg C, Mdl CW-9980,
A742135 Press, Bladder, Valley Foundry, 1,500 Liter, S/st,
S742169 Printer, Inkjet, Foxjet, Type Marksman Elite,
S742158 Printer, Inkjet, VideoJet, 43S, Single Head, Coder,
S742127 Pump, Vacuum, 7.5 HP, Sullair, 2.5 Inlet, Rotary,
S742163 Reactor, 33 Gallon, Pfaudler, Glass Lined, Jkt, 75 PSI,
C742124 Reader, Barcode, Keyence, Mdl CV-551, Camera
S742147 Scale, Checkweigher, Ramsey, AC 9000 Plus,
S742134 Scrubber, Wet, 2,200 CFM, S/st, Multi-Vane Venturi,
S742118 Sealer, Neck Bander, Kalish, S/st, Mdl 5415, Mini Bandit
S742129 Sorter, Bottle, Orienter, Kaps All, S/st,
S742168 Table, Accumulation, 29 X 48, S/st,
S742184 Table, Accumulation, 28 X 48, S/st,
S742150 Tank, 850 Gallon, S/st, 4' X 9', CB/FT,
S742172 Tunnel, Cooling, Perfect Choco, Mdl CT-2, 10' X 8.5 X 2
S742139 Wrapper, Bundler, API, Mdl DT 2000,
S742148 Wrapper, Bundler, ARPAC, Mdl 1158-20 TW, Overwrapper, Tunnel

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