Recent Arrivals

We acquire equipment on a daily basis, and we will keep you updated on our recent arrivals every few weeks. Click on the links below to view full details and photos on items of interest. If you have any current or future equipment needs, please send us your list today.

C742380  Bin, 67 CF, S/st, 44 X 44 X 81, Cone Bottom, Valve, (24)
L742398 Cartoner, Vertical, Glue Sealer, Carton Filler, Clybourn,
C742466 Case Taper, Interpack, Top & Btm, Mdl USC 2020-TB
S742411  Centrifuge, Basket, Perforate, 20 X 12, S/st, Bock,
C742433 Chopper, Bowl, Robot Coupe, S/st, Mdl. R 45, 16 X 15 Bowl,
A742447 Compressor, Air, 1500 HP, Howden, 2-stage, 800 HP & 700 HP,
A742426 Compressor, Gas, Nitrogen, 212 CFM, 404 PSI, Sundyne
C742467 Conveyor, Belt, 13 X 84, S/st, Incline, Cleats,
C742471 Conveyor, Belt, 12 X 120, S/st, Incline, Cleats,
S742462 Cooker, Braiser, 40 Gallon, S/st, Market Forge, Mdl 1700,
A742453 Depositor, Goodway, 1-Head, Mdl PF10, With Hopper
C742472 Detector, Metal, 12 X 4, Loma, IQ, Belt Conveyor,
C742460 Dryer, Tray, 26 X 18 Racks, Dehydrator, Excalibur,
C742459 Dryer, Tray, 26 X 18 Racks, Dehydrator, Excalibur, CM2A,
S742403 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 60 SF, Donaldson Torit, Cabinet,
S742404 Dust Collector, Cartridge, Donaldson Torit, Downflo,
C742449 Extractor, Supercritical, Botanical Oil, 5000 PSI, CO2,
S742465 Feeder, Screw, 6 X 6', S/st,
S742410 Feeder, Screw, Schenck, S/st, Accurate 600, Volumetric
S742413 Feeder, Vibratory, 3-1/8 X 34, S/st, Arbo
C742430 Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, WeighPack, Vertek, Weigh Filler,
C742384 Filter, Deionizer, General Electric, E-Cell MK-2E Stack,
A742427 Fryer, Belt, S/st, 175 lbs/hr, Potato chips, Incalfer,
A742455 Heat Exchanger, Coil, Crust Coil, S/st, 2.5 Diameter
A742454 Heat Exchanger, Coil, Freeze Coil, S/st, 2.5 Diameter
S742450 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 2,500 SF, Sondex, S/st, (112) Plates
S742458 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 700 SF, AGC, S/st, (111) Plates
S742456 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 400 SF, APV, S/st, (65) Plates
S742457 Heat Exchanger, Plate, 390 SF, APV, S/st, (59) Plates
S742418 Heat Exchanger, Tube-in-tube, S/st, 400 SF, Feldmeier, (2)
S742463 Kettle, 40 Gallon, S/st, Cleveland, Mdl KGL40T, Steam, Tilt,
S742461 Kettle, 60 Gallon, 316 S/st, Cleveland, Jkt, Agit, Tilt,
L742428 Kettle, 100 Gallon, 316 S/st, Groen, Jkt, Scrape Agit, (2)
S742437 Kettle, 200 Gallon, S/st, Groen, Jkt,
S742436 Kettle, 200 Gallon, S/st, Groen, Jkt, Scrape Agit, (3)
L742429 Kettle, 200 Gallon, S/st, Cleveland, Jkt, Horizontal Agit,
S742408 Kettle, 200 Gallon, S/st, JC Pardo, Jkt, Pasta,
A742425 Mill, Pellet, California, Century 100 C, Refurbished,
S741949 Mixer, Agitator, Pneumatic, S/st, Admix, Rotomix,
A742402 Mixer, Paddle, 85 CF, S/st, Grace, 625 Gallon,
A742469 Oven, Belt, 48 X 63', AutoBake, LTS Serpentine, S/st,
A742435 Pasteurizer, HTST, Flash, Goodnature, Mdl PNP-144,
L742419 Pasteurizer, Tube-in-tube, S/st, 400 SF, Feldmeier, (2)
S742422 Pump, Centrifugal, Waukesha, Mdl C216, S/st, 2 Inlet,
S742421 Pump, Centrifugal, Waukesha, Mdl C114, S/st, 1.5 In/Out,
S741951 Pump, Moyno, 1 HP, Seepex, S/st, Type BCSO 024-24, 7/8
S742424 Pump, Moyno, S/st, Progressive Cavity, 2.5,
S742423 Pump, Moyno, S/st, Progressive Cavity, Seepex, 2.5,
S742446 Pump, Positive, Waukesha, Mdl 34RF, 316 S/st, 1 HP,
S742445 Pump, Positive, Waukesha, Mdl 15, S/st, 9 GPM,
S742448 Pump, Positive, Waukesha, Mdl 6, S/st, 7 GPM,
A742451 Sealer, Bag, Band, SuperSealer, With Conveyor
S742415 Separator, Cyclone, 20 X 27, S/st, Air, (4)
S742417 Silo, 1750 CF, 12' X 15', Cone Bottom, Dust Collector,
A742420 Sorter, Color, Satake, Mdl SM11, (3)
C742434 Tank, 20 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit, Chocolate Melter, Savage,
S742416 Tank, 3,000 Gallon, 316 S/st, Jkt, 60 PSI, Cherry Burrell,
C742432 Wrapper, Entrepack, Horizontal, Mdl HT-1162, Flow Wrapper
A742452 Wrapper, Lacausa, Horiz, Flow Wrapper, Mdl LCU-932

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