The Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is funded by the Department of Energy to offer training and assistance to WAP network organizations  in designing private partnerships and programs that leverage the WAP.

Recent Memos from DOE including WAP Grant Extension
Webinar Replay on WAP Subgrantee Survey
CAP Training Conference, Jan 8-10, 2020 - and DOE memo stating allowable use of training funds to participate. 
Also Cap Solar meeting sign-ups!
Upcoming National Partner Meetings

Recent Memos from DOE

PY 2020 WAP Grant Extensions:  In an effort to ensure all prior year funds on current grant agreements are expended, the WAP advises all Grantees that DOE will be adding an additional budget period and Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 funds to the current award numbers.  See the related memos at the following links: 

Please note,
Weatherization Program Notices (WPN) and Memoranda are posted directly to the EERE Website, which you can access by following this link:

If you are not on the DOE EERE GovDelivery list serv to receive the latest communications, please sign up at the following link:


We have a weatherization track lined up and hope you will be able to join in! 

*Please note that the Department of Energy issued a memo stating that WAP network organizations can use training funds to participate in the training.  Please see the following link:  WAP Memorandum 056: Allowable Use of Training Funds for CAP 2020 MLTC

Anna Garcia, Director of the Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy will provide remarks during the Opening Welcome and Update from Federal Partners. 

Workshops to include:

Update from the Department of Energy and National Partners, Wed 10:45, Laguna 1 
DOE will share the most recent program updates.  NREL, NASCSP and CAP will also provide an overview of available resources and tools.  NREL will provide opportunity for real-time interaction with the new WAP administrative training modules.  

Leaders in Energy Innovation, Wed 2:00, Laguna 1 
Energy advocates from two states will discuss their most recent campaigns, and allow time for participants to engage in an "appreciative inquiry" approach to their own work.  Speakers to include:  Keith Kueny, Energy Policy Specialist from the Community Action Partnership of Oregon and Jennifer Gremmert, Executive Director of Energy Outreach Colorado.
Cap Solar: Financing Available for Solar Projects - Thursday 10:45, San Juan Ballroom 6
This session will explore the value that Cap Solar, a subsidiary of Greater Bergen Community Action, has brought to their solar clients through innovative financing and corporate structures driven by their mission to bring affordable energy to those who need it the most.  Through their success, Cap Solar has been given access to several closed funds to build non-profit solar, especially in Qualified Opportunity Zones.  Attendees will learn how to gain access to this funding and have Cap Solar assist them through every stage of the process to build local solar projects to enhance their community mission.
Cap Solar will also be available for individualized or small group meetings on Thursday afternoon January 9 -- please email Steven Leitner, COO of Cap Solar, or register now at:

Please see the conference site to view additional information:  


Earlier this Fall, the Department of Energy and DOE consultant provided an overview of the WAP Subgrantee ACSI Survey results.  You may recall this survey asked subgrantees to provide their opinions on multiple dimensions of how their respective State grantee is conducting the Weatherization Assistance Program.  All responses remained anonymous, and the CFI Group provided DOE WAP with aggregated data.  Going forward, discussion will focus on changes in scores compared to the 2017 survey and updating Grantee Action Plans for 2020 and beyond.  

WAP subgrantees should have received their respective state reports by now.  If you have not, please request it from your state WAP office, or we can assist with connecting you to your DOE program officer.

Please see the link below:  


ACEEE's  Conference on Health, Environment and Energy  (CHEE)  is returning to New Orleans January 21-23, 2020.  The event will showcase the research of ACEEE's Health and Environment program as well as the work of prominent experts and academics in this growing field.  

2020 NASCSP Winter Training Conference, taking place February 24-28, in Arlington, Virginia.  DOE issued a memo stating the WAP Network can use training funds for this conference.

2020 LIHEAP Action Day and All Parties Letter,
LIHEAP Action Day is taking place February 25-26 in Washington, DC.  Registration is open and the agenda is on the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition site.  Please also take a minute to sign-on to the 2021 LIHEAP All Parties Letter!


Our goal at the Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is to offer training and assistance to WAP organizations in designing private partnerships and programs that leverage the WAP. 

We are available to assist the Weatherization Network in getting started with leveraging or responding to challenges in current partnerships.  For assistance, contact Kathryn Maddux, Project Director, at or at 202-860-1023.
Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project at Community Action Partnership

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