"You will always define events
 in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality." 
Steve Maraboli
This summer, I went with a client to see a taping of THE VIEW.

The standout moment for me--besides his getting chosen to have a conversation with Whoopi (which was why he came)--was how grumpy I found myself about all the waiting in audience lines and ABC's security procedures. 

Trust me, it's VERY different being a general audience member than being a guest on a TV talk show. (Flashback: me and Kelly Ripa and Pat Sajak in a YOGA IN BED segment for LIVE!):

For one thing, when you're a guest they pick you in a car service and keep asking if you want or need anything.  When you're a member of the huddled masses, bathroom visits are in groups led by a security guard; ie, you aren't allowed to walk 100 feet unescorted in the TV studio.

I was feeling rather cranky about being herded like cattle as the guard walked us back to the waiting area until the girl next to me gushed to her friend: 

"Wow! I just love this. I feel like the president being escorted by the Secret Service!" 
Once again, as Nietzche said:

 "There are no facts, only interpretations."

Namaste for Now,

P.S. Speaking of the Secret Service, I am, as you can see, quite LITERALLY With Her.

Fundraiser circa 2009