September 2021
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Recent Grad Now Motivating
Current Learn4Life Students
Minnie M. excelled at Learn4Life and was involved in almost every activity offered at Innovation High, Lakeside. She loved SLAM Poetry, often volunteered at community events and was always willing to talk with other students about our school. “She won almost every type of award, from academic to resiliency awards, and her entire family would come to the award ceremonies. They were all so proud of her accomplishments,” her principal, Lisa Youngflesh, recalls. “After graduating last year, she moved into an apartment and purchased a car…all at age 17. Now she has returned as an Alumnae Ambassador at her alma mater.”
Reduce College Costs with
High School Dual Enrollment
With college tuition continuing to escalate and student loan debt at an all-time high, parents are looking for help. September is College Savings Month, created to remind parents about the importance of saving for college and to help them take advantage of the various tax breaks and options to start a college fund. Currently only four in 10 parents are saving for their child’s college education, necessitating large student loans that put a burden on the family and student for years.
When it Comes to Education, California Parents are Clear on What They Want
A recent independent poll shows overwhelming support by California parents for a personalized learning education model. Good4U, a coalition of parents, educators and community members, launched a campaign to advocate for how to best serve vulnerable students in California and beyond with three key elements:...