AUGUST 27, 2021
Grants Awarded

Extramurally funded research grants awarded to Rogel Cancer Center members

Program Key:
CB - Cancer Biology; CG - Cancer Genetics; CHI - Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology; DT - Developmental Therapeutics; HBO - Health Behavior and Outcomes; CEP - Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention; TACR - Translational and Clinical Research
In the Spotlight
Carl Koschmann, M.D., was awarded an R01 (1.25M) from NINDS for “The role of ATRX mutation in the epigenetic dysregulation of cell cycle in pediatric high-grade glioma."

This project will establish the mechanism behind the phenotypes recently discovered and open new windows for therapies targeted to the unique features of ATRX-deficient pHGG.
Mats Ljungman, Ph.D., was awarded an R21 ($257K) from the NCI for “Precision targeting of bladder cancer using CRISPR technology." 

This project presents a precision CRISPR approach that aims at targeting cancer-specific CRJs as an untapped Achilles heel common to all tumors. 
$100K+ Extramural Grants Awarded in July and August

Nina Steele, Ph.D. (mentors: Benjamin Allen, Ph.D., and Marina Pasca di Magliano, Ph.D.) K99 ($250K) for “Investigating Cellular Communication in the Tumor Microenvironment in Pancreatic Cancer."

Zora Djuric, Ph.D., and Lorraine Buis, M.D., R01 ($1.79M) for, “MyGI Diet for Colorectal Cancer Prevention." (CCPS)

David Lubman, Ph.D., R01 ($1.30M) for “Serum Glyco-Markers of Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using a Mass Spec Approach." (CCPS)

Yatrik Shah, Ph.D., R01 ($1.17M) for “The role of HIF2alpha in colon carcinogenesis." (CB)

Other External Awards

David Lombard, M.D., Ph.D., $699K from the Department of the Defense for “Targeting autophagy via the Menin protein to inhibit melanoma metastasis." (CG)

Filip Bednar, M.D., Ph.D., $150K from the American Surgical Association Foundation for “Epigenetic Regulation of the Pancreatic Cancer Metabolism." (CB)

Internal Awards
Filip Bednar, M.D., Ph.D., $50K for the 2021 Dr. Frank Limpert Clinical Scholar Career Development Award which provides support from our generous donor “to the most promising young cancer scientist to pursue innovative research concepts in preparation for a research career." 
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