NOVEMBER 12, 2020
Grants Awarded

Extramurally funded research grants awarded to Rogel Cancer Center members

Program Key:
CB - Cancer Biology; CG - Cancer Genetics; CHI - Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology; DT - Developmental Therapeutics; HBO - Health Behavior and Outcomes; CEP - Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention; TACR - Translational and Clinical Research
In the spotlight
From Translational and Clinical Research
The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) awarded Ajjai Alva, M.D., and Dan Robinson, Ph.D., a $1M Challenge Award for “The Role of Precision Therapy in the Treatment of CDK12 Altered Metastatic Prostate Cancer”
Ajjai Alva, M.D.
Dan Robinson, Ph.D.
From Cancer Biology
Kyoung Lee, Ph.D., received a $120K Conquer Cancer Now Award from the Concern Foundation for “Role of Hypoxia in B cell Migration and Function in Pancreatic Cancer”
Kyoung Lee, Ph.D.
Other $100K+ Extramural Grants Awarded in September

Thomas Wang, M.D., Ph.D.: R01 ($1.7M) for “Early detection of colorectal cancer in the traditional and serrated pathways”

Other NIH

Jodyn Platt, Ph.D., M.P.H.: NIBIB R21 ($425K) “Mapping the sociotechnical ecosystem of precision medicine” (CEP)

Other External

Amit Pai, Pharm.D., and Duxin Sun, Ph.D.: $2.2M from the Food and Drug Administration for “Setting patient-centric quality standards (PCQS) for modified release (MR) oral drug products with biopredictive in vitro dissolution-models” (DT)

Sriram Venneti, M.D., Ph.D.: $300K Hope Scholar Grant from Hyundai Hope on Wheels for “Understanding and targeting metabolic pathways in childhood ependymomas” (CG)

Greg Thurber, Ph.D.: $119K from Crescendo Biologics Limited for “Quantitative pharmacology of bispecific humabodies” (DT)
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