JULY 9, 2020
Grants Awarded 

Extramurally funded research grants awarded to Rogel Cancer Center members

Program Key:
CB - Cancer Biology; CG - Cancer Genetics; CHI - Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology; DT - Developmental Therapeutics; HBO - Health Behavior and Outcomes; CEP - Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention; TACR - Translational and Clinical Research
In the spotlight
From Health Behavior and Outcomes and Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
Rogel Cancer Center researchers get $4M to help expand genetic testing efforts statewide

A team of researchers at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer has been awarded $4 million from the National Cancer Institute as part of its Cancer Moonshot program. The grant will fund efforts to increase rates of genetic testing among cancer patients who have family histories concerning for hereditary cancer syndromes.

From Health Behavior and Outcomes
Katz awarded $1.4M from American Cancer Society to examine disparities in genetic testing for cancer

A $1.4 million grant from the American Cancer Society will allow a team of researchers led by the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center to survey a diverse group of breast cancer patients and their relatives about their experience with genetic testing and their understanding of hereditary cancer risk and prevention.

Other $100K+ Extramural Grants Awarded in June

Sung Choi, M.D. : R01 ($2.3M) “Phase I/II clinical trial of HDAC inhibition for GVHD prevention in children, adolescents, and young adults” (TACR)

Christopher Friese, Ph.D., R.N. : T32 ($2.1M) “Interdisciplinary Research Training Center in Cancer Care Delivery” (HBO)

Karen McLean, M.D., Ph.D. : R01 ($1.8M) “Sensitizing High Grade Serous Cancers to Immunotherapy through the Induction of DNA Damage” (CB)

Yatrik Shah, Ph.D. : R01 ($2.3M) “Understanding the mechanisms of iron addiction in colon cancer” (CB)

Other NIH

John Kao, M.D. , and Mohamad El Zaatari, Ph.D.: NIAID R21 ($429K) “The role of Absent in Melanoma 2 (Aim2) in CD8+ T cell regulation and Helicobacter-induced gastric pathology” (CHI)

Qing Li, M.D., Ph.D. : NHLBI R01 ($2M) “The role of ER associated degradation (ERAD) in hematopoietic stem cells” (CHI)

Jeanne Stuckey, Ph.D. : DO S10 ($1.4M) “Acquisition of a High Flux Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction System” (DT)

Other External

Sho Kitamoto, Ph.D. (mentors: Eric Fearon, M.D., Ph.D. , and Nobuhiko Kamada, Ph.D. ): $562K DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program Career Development Award for “The role of oral genotoxic bacteria in the development of colon cancer” (CG, CB)

Dan Robinson, Ph.D.: $103K Department of Veterans Affairs award for “Influence of T Cell Clonality on PD-1 Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” ( Michigan Center for Translational Pathology)

Steven Kregel, Ph.D. (mentor: Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D. ) and Jean Tien, Ph.D.: $583K Bristol-Myers Squibb Company for “Evaluating the effect of BMS BET inhibitor (BMS-986158) on AR signaling and its combination efficacy with AR antagonists in prostate cancer models” (CG, TACR)
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