Driving Change Together

The Emerald Coast Regional and Apalachee Regional Planning Councils partnered to relaunch the regional commuter assistance program as RideOn Commuter Services. RideOn is a Transportation Demand Management program of the Florida Department of Transportation, serving District 3 and its sixteen counties across northwest Florida.
Relaunched in early 2020, the program offers a regional approach to connecting people with alternate forms of transportation. RideOn strives to provide people with flexible and sustainable transportation choices that improve quality of life for all through the promotion of multi-modal forms of transportation such as remote work, ride-share, public transit, biking and walking, and "last mile" connectivity.
An interactive mobile RideOn app was created for iOS and Android platforms that allows
citizens to easily connect with ride-share partners, vanpools, and biking or walking partners on the go. Detailed commute data is generated and allows participants to track their impact on greenhouse gas emissions, gas and money saved based on miles traveled and even calories burned, by using alternative modes of transportation. This app allows real time tracking for all these options and keeps people engaged and thinking of their impact on their community and the environment. Join us at RideOnTogether.org.

East Central Florida RPC Assists with Business Resiliency
In 2019, the City of Cocoa was awarded a grant from the U.S. Economi c Development Administration to develop a business resiliency plan to help small firms plan and recover from the effects of major natural, social, or economic disruptions. While the idea for this project was born in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the COVID-19 pandemic has made business resilience an even more relevant topic. This crisis has prompted the temporary closure of millions of small businesses across the nation. While it is impossible to anticipate every disaster scenario, having a robust operation continuity plan can make the difference between surviving through tough times or closing the doors for good.
Using the City's business tax license data and GIS software, the East Central Florida RPC identified seven major business corridors within the City of Cocoa: Downtown-Cocoa Village, Grissom Industrial Park, State Road 524-Cox Road, Dixon-Clearlake, West King Street, North Cocoa Boulevard (1), and North Cocoa Boulevard (2). These seven corridors are home to approximately 30% of all the City's businesses and 2,500 jobs. Staff developed a series of metrics to measure and compare the performance and economic vitality of these business corridors. Some of the metrics used included number and type of businesses, annual and average business sales, percentage of vacant land, and current investment, among others. The East Central Florida RPC also developed three economic impact scenarios using the REMI Policy Insight Model (PI+) to estimate how several "stressors" can affect the vitality of these business corridors. Based on the results of these analyses, the next step is to develop general strategies to increase business resiliency.
Parallel to these research efforts, the East Central Florida RPC also facilitated two online workshops with City officials and Cocoa businesses. During the workshops, steps business owners need to follow to help th eir operations become more resilient to catastrophic events were discussed. Three businesses are being assisted to develop their own Continuity of Operation Plans. For further information contact Luis Nieves-Ruiz at: luis@ecfrpc.org .
FRCA Partners Meetings Schedule 2020  
Listed below are the upcoming Partners Meetings hosted by FRCA throughout the year.  If you would like to attend or present at one of the Partners Meetings, please contact Denise Imbler  at dimbler@arpc.org
December 4, 2020  9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. City Hall, Tallahassee
Contact: Denise Imbler  |  850.487.1426  |  flregionalcouncils.org