Treasure Coast RPC Assists Martin County with CRA Update
The Treasure Coast RPC was engaged by the Martin County Community Redevelopment Agency to simplify and clarify existing regulations to enhance ease of use, provide predictability, reduce conflicts, and align regulations with the existing vision plan for each of the six CRAs.

After carefully analyzing the existing multi-layered regulations, Treasure Coast RPC and county staff determined that creating entirely new CRA-focused chapters in the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations would be the best approach. There was an extensive public process consisting of 110 interviews, direct mailing to over 10,000 households, and 45 presentations and hearings at Neighborhood Advisory Committees for each CRA, the CRA Board, the Local Planning Agency, and the Board of County Commissioners. After two years of team effort by the Treasure Coast RPC, consultants, county staff from Growth Management and Engineering, the County Attorney’s Office, board members, and the public, the code for the last of the six CRAs was adopted on October 27, 2020.
The new clear, concise, and coordinated rules will lead to effective implementation of the community’s redevelopment vision and improve the quality of life of the residents.
North Central Florida RPC Updates Long-Range Plan
The North Central Florida RPC recently assisted the Gainesville Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization complete an update of the Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Gainesville Urbanized Area. The plan provides for enhancements to the multi-modal transportation system of highways, transit services, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the Gainesville Metropolitan Area for the next 25 years.
The recent updates envision a transportation system that is safe and efficient, serves the mobility needs of people and freight, and fosters economic prosperity while minimizing transportation-related fuel consumption and air pollution. The vision is supported by principles and strategies designed to guide the transportation decision-making process and are focused on supporting economic vitality, increasing safety and security for motorized and non-motorized users, increasing the accessibility and mobility of people and freight.  Strategies for protecting and enhancing the environment, promoting energy conservation, improving the quality of life and promoting consistency between transportation improvements and state and local planned growth and economic development patterns are included in the update.  Finally, the plan also provides strategies for enhancing the integration and connectivity of the transportation system, across and between modes, for people and freight, promoting efficient system management and operation, and emphasizing the preservation of the existing transportation system.
The Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization updates the Long-Range Transportation Plan every five years which allows access to federal and state funds for transportation projects that improve safety and mobility in the Gainesville metropolitan community.
Emerald Coast RC Forms Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee
Earlier this year the Emerald Coast RC hosted the kick-off meeting for the newly established Emerald Coast Regional Council - Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee. Encompassing Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties, this group is the first of its kind to look at addressing connectivity, enhancing mobility and encouraging coordinated development of regionally significant shared-use paths and facilities across northwest Florida.
With a diverse group of stakeholders including technical experts, pedestrian and biking advocates, civic groups, citizens, and representatives from the Florida Department of Transportation, the Committee comes together to review projects and discuss issues and trends in pedestrian/bicycle planning. This year the group focused on regional connectivity lapses, economic and health benefits of shared-use paths to a community and region, and challenges they wish to address through future work.
Throughout 2020, the Committee reviewed the draft regional trail network map and identified areas that need to be added or modified, including gaps in the current system. The final draft of the interactive regional trail system map is available online. The Emerald Coast Regional Council - Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee looks forward to making a lasting and positive impact on the shared-use paths of northwest Florida.
Central Florida RPC Developing Land Use Plan
As part of ongoing collaborative efforts to promote sustainable compatible land use surrounding the Avon Park Air Force Range, the Office of Economic Adjustment, U.S. Department of Defense awarded the Central Florida RPC a grant to develop a Compatible Use Plan for the Avon Park Air Force Range. As the largest bombing and gunnery range east of the Mississippi River, the APAFR plays an essential role in training the men and women that defend our nation. Located in central Florida, the air force range spans 106,000 acres and provides a vital training facility for active duty, guard and reserve military units from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.
The Compatible Use Plan will serve as an update to the Joint Land Use Study, completed in 2010. This effort will provide an opportunity for the seven local governments of Highlands, Okeechobee, Osceola, and Polk counties and the cities of Avon Park, Frostproof, and Sebring to work together over the next 18 months to promote civilian development compatible with the Range's continued operation. The goals remain the provision of public safety, identification of appropriate regulatory and non-regulatory measures, increased communication and cooperation, the protection of range capabilities, and local collaboration encouragement. For more information contact Jennifer Codo-Salisbury, Deputy Director, at the Central Florida RPC at (863) 534-7130.