The home at  440 Fulton recently had its substitute siding taken off. Here it is with the aluminum siding :

Here it is with the siding off. I hope the picture window can be replaced with two long tall appropriate windows.

439 Fulton has had the siding off for a while with priming beginning recently.  Lots of fancy details were uncovered.  Here it is before the siding was removed:

Here it is today.  The owner has been told the home needs an appropriate porch. 
I kinda miss the red stripes on the columns. : )

12 Hill was recently unveiled.  Here it is before the aluminum siding was taken off:

Here it is after the siding was removed.  As it turns out this is a significant house in the neighborhood as it was designed by Jensen and the Historical Society has the original plans.  The Preservation Ordinance is requiring that the contractor put back the original details.

Here is the side view.  Unfortunately on the front and side a past owner took out the multi pained round topped windows and put in rectangular windows.  The horizontal band of Tyvek covers the hole left when the aluminum siding installers  chopped off the bell skirt.  There are plans to put it back as required by the Preservation Ordinance..   

Just up the street at 126 Hill there is  a new porch and paint job. Here it is before the porch and paint.

Here it is with a new porch and paint.  The interior was nicely rehabbed. 



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